My 3 Favorite 2-Hole Czech Glass Beads

Czech Glass 2-hole beads are so fun! They let you create complex looking bead patterns full of layers and interlocking shapes. They make it so you can “jump up” to different parts of your pattern and keep building on a design.  I also love how they can be combined with other 2-hole beads to create beautiful unique designs. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to be able to “play” with all of Beadaholique’s selection of 2-hole Czech Glass beads. Here are my top 3 favorite 2-hole bead shapes:

SuperDuo Beads

I think if you are new to 2-hole beads, SuperDuos are one of the easiest styles to work with. They have a nice compact shape and can easily be paired with traditional seed beads. The relatively close proximity of their holes means you can jump between the holes without having a noticeable thread bridge. I like the variety of patterns you can create with them, and they lend themselves nicely to being paired with other 2-hole beads.

Quilted Sky Bracelet using SuperDuo beads

ZoliDuo Beads

I love Art Nouveau design with its organic shapes and soft curves. I think that is one reason why I really like Czech Glass ZoliDuo beads. They have a wonderful curve to them and come in a left and right option, meaning you can make swirls in any direction you like. I recently made the Orsay bracelet using them, and it was so fun to create clusters with soft lines and an Art Nouveau feel to it.

The Orsay Bracelet using ZoliDuo beads

Diamond Beads

Like the Superduo beads, I feel Diamond beads are really easy to work with. I think of them like a building block to a lot of creative designs. They have a slim profile and create a nice bridge between elements. You can stack and layer them or fan them out. Another nice attribute is that they are small enough to almost disappear in a design if you don’t want them to be the focus – but they will still perform their duty of joining and linking your design together.

Circulo Necklace using Diamond beads

What are your favorite 2-hole bead shapes?

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