Top 4 Ways to Finish Your Memory Wire Jewelry Projects

Memory wire is the at the core of some of the most beloved jewelry making designs and techniques. It's a very forgiving medium and one that both novice and master jewelry maker alike adore. You can make bracelets, rings, necklaces, napkin rings, wine charms, ornaments, and more with memory wire. 

At the foundation of every memory wire design is the hardened steel wire that holds its shape, even when pulled out. Besides needing a pair of memory wire cutters to cut the hardened wire (do not use regular cutters, it will damage them!), you technically do not need any other tools. 

Making memory wire designs is so fun! You just add your beads on in any pattern you like, slipping them on one-by-one as you create your design. The beads can be added randomly, color blocked, A/B patterned, or really anything that you can think of. You can add seed beads, Czech glass beads, wood beads, PRESTIGE crystal beads—any bead that you like. The only limitation is that you have to make sure that the beads themselves are not so wide that they can't go around the bend of the wire. 

Featured Video: How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet using Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads

Besides adding beads, you will need to do what is called "finish" your memory wire ends. Basically this means that you will need to make a stopper on each end of your memory wire so that your beads do not fall off. There are multiple ways to do this and we will look at each one now below. 

One of the very easiest ways to finish memory wire ends is with a finding literally called a memory wire end cap bead. These are little metal beads that are partially drilled. You add a dab of glue to the hole and then press your memory wire end into it. This then looks like a neat little bead at the end of your memory wire which then prevents your other beads from slipping off. You would do this on both ends. Good glues for this are GS Hypo Cement or E6000

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Similar to a memory wire end is a finial bead. Finial beads are half drilled Czech glass beads that are available in a multitude of colors. You glue these onto your memory wire ends in the same way as memory wire end cap beads. The advantage of these is that you can match your bead colors to your finial bead color. 

Featured Video: How to Finish Memory Wire Ends with Finial Beads


Finally, and perhaps the most popular way of finishing memory wire ends is by creating a simple wire loop on the end. You will need a pair of round nose or chain nose pliers to do this. Also available are memory wire finishing pliers, specially made for memory wire. Whichever tool you choose, you grab the end of the wire and make a simple wire loop. This loop effectively works as a stopper so your bead won't fall off but equally important is that it allows you to hang charms and bead dangles off of it. 

Featured Video: How to Make a Simple Wire Loop on Memory Wire

If you like the idea of memory wire but don't know where to start, check out all of our memory wire projects and our Memory Wire 101 page!

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