How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet using Czech Fire Polished Glass Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to quickly and easily make a memory wire bracelet using 3 strands of your favorite Czech fire polished glass beads. The project uses one strand of 4mm beads, 1 strand of 6mm beads, and 1 strand of 8mm beads. The finishing touch is a plumeria charm hung from one of the finished memory wire ends. This memory wire jewelry project would make a great gift!
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Hi, this is Julie with and rewire and a charm now two things inspired this project first off these gorgeous beads I saw them and I knew I had to do something with them I want to hold them up you can see there's a variety of colors and there's actually three different sizes represented here we have a four millimeter size then we've also got a six millimeter and finally an eight millimeter now also notice there's three different finishes in addition to all the different colors so there are rainbow beads which would be these guys here you can see they're somewhat transparent but they also have this wonderful rainbow finish then we've got a polychrome finish so a polychrome is going to be much like a matte metallic so these here would be polychrome you see there's a lot of them to choose from and then the final finish is going to be nebula so this is a nice solid color it's definitely not transparent but it has a wonderful richness to it and it does have other colors at play as well so all of these beads are really what inspired this project the second thing was I really want to see how I can make a bracelet that was really quite quick to come together and so if you have a last-minute project you need to do maybe have a gift you want to make this is a great option because you're really taking the guesswork out of it so basically we're choosing one color and all three sizes of the Czech glass beads so we've got the four millimeter the six millimeter and the eight millimeter and this is aqua orange rainbow here was the other one I was deciding between and this is an aqua copper rainbow but I do want to go with the orange rainbow so we're going to use that and I'm also going to use a charm and I specifically chose these different charms to choose between because they all come with the jump ring so that takes a little bit of extra work out of that step and I think I'm going to go with the plumeria I just think that's so pretty and then just memory wire so this usually comes in 12 loops and you can see this is not 12 loops as some of my leftover memory wire which is a great thing about memory wire you can keep using it until you run out now in terms of the tools that you're going to need you're going to need something to cut the little plastic string that these come on so I'm just going to use my flush cutters you could also use a pair of scissors you're going to need memory wire cutters you definitely want to use a memory wire cutter for memory wire it can do damage to regular cutters a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to go ahead and open that jump ring on the charm and a round nose plier to finish the ends of your memory wire like I said this is going to come together really quickly and easily so it's a really nice quick project for you to do clear some of this away so to begin with we need to start by finishing one end of our memory wire to do that take your round nose pliers and grab the tip of the memory wire and just turn you're making a nice little loop and just finish that loop so that in a sense it's not only the end to your memory wire in terms of a nice finished look is also your bead stopper so my idea is to use half the strands of four millimeters followed by half a strand of the six millimeters the entire strand of eight millimeter beads the remaining half of a six and remaining half of the four so it should be pretty quick and easy so I'm just going to eyeball it and say this is the halfway mark there we go so we're going to go ahead and just string those guys on this is T about like that it does not have to be exact you're just going to put the beads directly onto the memory wire and then you can pull the memory wire apart and just swirl them down it's actually pretty fun something you can try if when you have some still on the little strand you can try to just put the memory wire through and string multiples at once and then just pull out that little plastic strand and then scoot them down alright so I'm going to start by cutting right here if you can cut in the middle or you can cut in the end whatever you like and now I'm going to try that trick again since I have the ability to and that looks like yep almost half maybe add a couple more there we go and now we need the entire strand of the eight add the remaining half of our six millimeter beads and the remaining of our force okay once you've got all your beads on go ahead and make sure they're all slid down to the base this is what we've got so far and now we need to finish this end to do that take your memory wire cutters and cut about a quarter of an inch from the end of the last bead take your round nose pliers and make another little loop we've got our bracelet here and now we're going to add our little charm so to open the jump ring you're going to just grab it on either side of the opening with the opening facing the top and you're just going to twist link on your charm and then to one of the little loops you made in the memory wire link the jump ring and close it back up and there we have a very pretty very easy to make and actually very reasonably priced project so this is a great gift idea or just if you have a party you want to go to and want to make some jewelry to wear this would be a really easy neat project you can find all the supplies being here as well as many other ones at and if you liked this video please subscribe to our YouTube channel we have a lot of other videos about how to use memory wire different beading techniques of all different skill levels and a lot of fun projects too thanks for watching

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