How to Use Memory Wire Glue In Ends

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can use glue in ends on your memory wire as an alternative method of finishing your memory wire designs. If you are not using a loop to attach a charm or tassel to the ends, these glue in round end caps offer a beautiful finish to your designs.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to use the glue in memory wire ends now i have a few examples to show you here but first let's talk about what the memory wire end is so basically it is this little bead here and it has a little hole at the very bottom and you're going to be able to slide that on to the end of the wire for a nice sleek finish so here's an example using the large size there and it's a five millimeter size and i used it to finish off this czech fire polish bracelet now it's really a nice sleek look the other alternative to finishing this off is to create a little loop on the end and that's really if you want to add a nice little charm or something or if you don't happen to have the glue in ends here so this is the silver version in that five millimeter and i want to show you the gold version as well because in this version i used it really like an extra little bead so you can see in my pattern i have those little gold beads so when you look at it on the end there it really just continues that pattern so it's a really nice way to finish a design with a sleek beautiful professional look so you can see that version there as well now it does come in a smaller size so we do also have it in a three millimeter and you can see that i use that in these little rings here so you can see on the silver there it's right on the end and in this gold here i didn't overlap the ring so i just used it on the end there to finish that off so those little gold beads so it's really nice you don't have to worry about any of those big old loops kind of getting in the way so it's a great alternative now if you're not sure of the size that you're going to want to use based on your design we do have these assortment packs and these are really nice so they come in gold and silver and they are from the beadsmith and we are really excited to have them here for you so if you look really closely and you know let me show you on the gold one i hope it'll show up better on camera here for you so one of them has a nice little corrugated sort of style to it one has that little sparkle and then we have two of the smaller sizes so if you look on the back here you'll be able to see the different sizes that you get so you get 18 of each the three millimeter and then we have three different styles of the four millimeter so you'll be able to see that as well all right so these i'm going to set aside i'm not going to use those ones here today i'm going to show you using these big five millimeter beads here and i have some six millimeter fire polish now you're probably wondering which glue to use and which one is best we have the gs hypo cement now this is really great because it has that nice little pinpoint um precision for it so you can actually kind of get the glue down into the bead cap but i'm going to show you a little method using the e6000 i think in my opinion the e6000 is going to be a little bit of a stronger bond and i'm going to show you how to really achieve that because we don't want your jewelry falling apart at all all right so the other thing that we're going to need is we're going to need a pair of our memory wire cutters here and you have to use the memory wire cutters please do not try to use your flush cutters you will ruin them all right so i have some pre-cut memory wire that i'm just going to start with here so the first thing that i want to say is know what your design is going to be at least that first bead because what i want to do is i want to take one bead and sort of slide it onto my memory wire just down about like an inch or so and i can just kind of hold that there actually it doesn't matter if it falls to the bottom we'll get it later so now i want to put my little end cap onto the end here now if you'll watch i'm going to slide it on without any glue so you can see how deep it is it's about almost the entire length of that bead so i'm just going to hold my my thumbnail right there so you can just sort of see when i take it off or when it pops off like that it is about the full size of that bead so it really does go down kind of far now it doesn't matter so much on this side it's when you get to the other side that you have to be really careful about where you cut your memory wire okay so let's go ahead and do this first side together so go ahead and unscrew your e6000 now the e6000 has a little well if you kind of look down into it you know it's a little tube of glue so what i'm going to do is i am actually going to take the end of my wire and just sort of place it in there and just get a little bit of glue kind of all along at the end there just like so you see how i have some nice glue on the end and now what i'm going to do is again just take that memory wire end and just kind of twist it and you'll see that i have a little bit extra there and actually i'm going to take a little toothpick i have nearby here and just kind of smooth that glue down onto that memory wire there and just sort of glob it down there and now i'm going to bring that other little bead up and we're going to create a sort of double glued secure end so go ahead and bring that up and i'm just going to kind of twist it and smush them together and now here's where you just want to like kind of hold it with your finger make sure that it's not going to go anywhere and here's here's the tough part about using these guys so i'm going to set this down and i'm not going to touch it for 24 hours so let that sit just as it is let it get a really nice strong bond because again we don't want to be losing any jewelry here so i'm going to let that sit for 24 hours okay and we're back so this is been 24 hours now that's a nice secure bond i can kind of wiggle it with my finger i don't want to pull too hard but i just want to wiggle it just make sure it's nice and secure so now we are ready to on the other side just to start loading up our beads now this is going to be just a little random pattern here i have this blue mix of czech fire polished beads i thought it would be kind of fun just to do a little extra kind of kind of bangle here so i'm going to string up all of my beads here and then i'm going to show you what it takes to finish it off on the other side really quick okay so now i have my piece that is all finished i've strung up all of my beads in whatever pattern you are working with here i still have that nice secure end on the other side and now we're going to come to this side here so what i want to do is i actually strung on that last bead so now i'm going to come in with my memory wire cutters and again if you need to kind of eyeball it you can just see that it's going to be about a quarter of an inch a little bit more than that so just kind of keeping an eye on that so i just i know exactly where to cut and just go ahead and cut that memory wire off and i can go ahead and set that aside now here's the tricky part so we need to keep that nice and secure and pulled taut while holding this all together with our hands so this can be a little bit tricky but just be patient with it so again what i'm going to do is i'm going to unscrew one-handed my e6000 i'm going to take off that last bead there and now i'm going to dip that whole end into the e6000 and try to get it right onto the end of that cord and now go ahead and slide that last little bead on there so that's going to actually secure to that next one there and then if we need to add a little bit more of a dab onto the very end take that memory wire end and slide that on and now all of that should come together at the very end and now we're just going to hold that for a minute and i'm going to set mine down but go ahead and hold it there if it feels insecure and then go ahead and let that sit again for 24 hours before messing with it you just want to maybe make sure that it's nice and taut if it does appear that your glue is dripping what you can do is you can take a little piece of paper or a sticky note and kind of slide it underneath there to let it dry on top of that so that your loops don't dry together so that's another little tip there as well all right but once you're finished you'll have a nice finished end cap look and again this will work the same technique will work for any of the end caps there it just also helps to glue that last little bead to it if you end up having a little bit of glue left over especially with the e6000 you can just sort of pick that off later but you can also use the gs hypocement in the same manner so it'll work the same way i just prefer the e6000 for me it's a bit of a stronger bond but please use whatever glue you feel is going to be best for your project alright thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed this video and you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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