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Hi this Julie with and today I going to show you a really simple way of doing over under wire wrap basket weave pattern. I have a couple examples here. I created this for myself I'll probably use this as a pendant on a necklace. I used silver as the base with rose gold wire and I've got pretty tight wraps here It's just this over/under technique that I'm gonna show you and here in this other sample I have a weave which is a little bit more spread out and I'll show you how to create that variation as well and here I have tight little coils. I wanna show you if you don't have a really big gap what it ends up looking like. We have another video on showing How to Wire Wrap a Basket Weave Figure-8 Design it's very similar to this technique. I just find this a little bit easier because I've got this little tip to teach you where instead of starting with two wires you start with one bent in half and then what happens is you can always cut this later if you wanted it to be two wires but this stabilizers your work as you go it's much easier than starting with two wires. If you could get away with that in your projects I highly recommend it. I want to show you how to do it here where you come to a point and you have the entire form wire wrapped I'm gonna try to use some contrasting wire colors here so you can see what's happening I'm not gonna make a project. I want to show you technique the. Start with one wire and then this is 18 gauge that I'm using I would recommend eighteen or twenty for your frame and then I've got 28 gauge for my actual basket weave. Of course how much wire you need is gonna pertain to how big your project is or how long your wire is I gonna make a simple v-shaped start. So we've a got nice V and I'm going to worry about not finishing the ends I want to show you how to do this. So take your 28 gauge wire and for this you're gonna start at the bottom. Now if you're doing something like this where you eventually want it to be two wires but you're going to start with one, you would start up here you wouldn't start down at the bottom but since we're doing it to show you how to create at this point I'm going to start right here so I'm holding the tail, a short tail of wire in my hand. Got the long end here and I'm going to create a number of wraps to wrap that bottom section and I'm just taking my wire going up, over the form, through the V shape of my outer wire just going back and forth just wrapping it around. I want to cover that tip and my goal is to end up on the side where I can then go back and forth that feels good on that end take my little tail and make this end match by having an 18 gauge wire as your form, the outer wire, it's nice and stiff it's not going to bend out of shape too much. It'd be harder to do if had like a 22 gauge wire or something as the form and then you're trying to do it with 24 gauge wire. That math just doesn't really add up okay snip off this tail fold it over to the backside and pinch my coils down so they're nice and tight So this is an over under basket weave so that's basically all you're doing is what the name sounds like you're going over your outer edge and under the opposite side your coming up to where you left off with your wire wrapping now you need to create an anchor what you want is you wanna go around the wire that you just went under at least once and come back up top. At this point we're going over this one so we need to go under the opposite side one and around again because we need that anchoring row to stabilize it, other it's going to look really messy. Now on this side we're back to being over, so then we go under and round over and then under over/under, over/under. Make sure that each time you do stabilize your wire by going around the exterior wire at least once back and forth. As you go check your work if you need to scoot your wires down a little bit, now of course if you had gold on gold you wouldn't see the little gaps between but I did want to show you with contrasting colors here. Over under. Just be consistent, if you do one wrap around the exterior wire to anchor on this side make sure you do one wrap on this side and keep doing that same on both sides all the way up until you're done with your piece that way you'll have a nice consistent weave that's with just one wrap. You see what we got Now on this one we have a much wider space between them and that was just created by doing more than one wrap around the side. I want to show you how to do that when when I finish this wrap I went over/under. I'll go around the side and there's one, there's two, three and four and pushing them down each time to make sure they're nice and tight. So now over and under back to where my coils were so it's consistent so now I want to do four here. So one, two, there's three and there's four. That fourth one I'm going over. So now I go under one two, pushing them down three and four be careful that you don't count and then back over/under two, three, four You can see now our weave is getting a lot wider and that's all there is to it. When you're done with it just make sure you do some anchor wraps to secure it and then you can snip it off so that is how you do an over/under basketweave and now just to show you how you would start it if you want something like this you would have your wire. You would create your V. Instead of having it be a sharp V like this, you try to make it as much like that as possible you want these to look more parallel you'll probably straighten your wire and do all that good stuff but I to show you really quickly in this video how to do this you're just gonna take your wire instead of starting it down at the bottom you gonna start it at a point where your two wires are parallel. You're just going to wire wrap it a couple times around one side scooch those coils together and now you're going to do the same technique and you can make these really tight together you can make them further apart. You can do whatever your designs calls for we're gonna do the same thing where it's over and then under and then an anchor if you what to do one, you want to do two, three, however many you want and then go back so there you just want over. Now you're going under again this side, create at least that one anchor you're just gonna go back and forth, scooch them together as you go so you have nice tight wraps and eventually you'll keep doing that you'll end up with something that looks like this and then you can just cut this as if you had two wires to start with but by doing it with the little curve in the middle and one wire It's actually a lot easier to hold on to and they don't wobble as much which is a lot less frustrating. So that is how you do the over under basketweave pattern in wire wrapping so I hope that helped and gives you some inspiration of projects that you can do on your own. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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