Tips and Ideas for How to Use Open Back Bezels by Becky Nunn

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Designer: Becky Nunn
In this video learn tips and ideas from guest designer Becky Nunn on how to incorporate open back bezels into your jewelry designs. These bezels can be stacked and layered with other bezels, flat tags, glass domes, and other components. You can also fill them with resin, wire birds, beads, and other inspiring objects.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Becky Nunn from Nunn design and I'm a guest designer at and today I want to show you how you can use all the different components that Nunn Design offers to make it into, well the best way to describe it is Legos for women. So all the different components they fit nicely within each other, so I like the glass domes will fit inside that or you can just half a glass dome and do two images on both sides on that end make it a nice shadow box, you can use the flat tags dropped them in, have it be a double surface. So these are just some other examples of the ways in which you can do the combinations. Here are some examples of using open back bezels and the raised tags so on these, these are all of the grande open back bezel and the grande raised tags this one has a transfer sheet with a little bit of the Gel Du Soleil over the top of it and I connected it on the sides with micro screws on this one this has those large round tags that we're looking at a image on both sides and Gel Du Soleil this one they actually took flat tags dap them, strung together and then dropped them into the grande piece. This one was done by Donna Musarra and this one was as well. Donna stamped this piece and put a couple charms in and then poured some two part epoxy resin to give it that look here are a couple of samples using the large open back bezel this one has a flat tag that has been metal stamped with the word yes and then has a glass dome placed over it and closed with micro screws on the side. This one is turned upside down and put onto another raised tag with a little glass dome. It has this fun little wired bird's nest and you can check out tutorials at to learn how to make a fine wire wrapped bird nest like that one this one. Here's an example using UV resin. I taped the back of the piece used a transfer sheet and poured the UV resin right into the piece on this one I just cut off one of the mini links of the ornate mini links, just dropped it right into the piece and glued it in. I hope you have enjoyed the Becky Nunn and dog and pony show on how to use all of the large open back bezels and the grande open back bezels. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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