How to Use Shaped Wire Wrappers to Make a Pair of Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this videos see how to use shaped wire wrappers by artistic wire and cultured sea glass donut rings to make a stunning pair of wire wrapped earrings. The grooves in the wire wrappers 'catch' the wire and keep it evenly spaced. These would also be great to use with gemstones that are not drilled or coin and lentil shaped beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I'm going to show you how to use shaped wire wrappers. They are these great little gadgets, these findings and they've got little grooves along the edge which will allow you to easily wire wrap an object within the interior. So they come in a variety of finishes and shapes. I just pulled a few here but I wanted to give you an idea that they come in a lot of variety to work with and then I made a project to show you an example of you use and that's this right here. Where I've taken the sea glass donut ring I've actually wire wrapped it into the center of this particular shape which I think ends up with a really pretty results and then I just put an earring hook on it to make it into an earring so you don't have to use something with a hole in the middle like a donut ring, you could use a stone that perhaps is not drilled so it's not a bead, it is actually just a stone I wanted to trap it inside you could also use a bead. You can use a free formed shape you do a lot of different things with them. So I wanna show you how exactly these work because they are really quite easy and they end up with a really pretty result and these grooves do catch the wire it lodges the wire right where you want it and keeps it in place so I'm gonna start by using some artistic wire and I'm gonna measure out 15 inches this is 24 gauge. I got myself a pair flush cutters here and then for later I have a pair chain nose pliers and I've got a ruler and those are the only tools I'm actually going to be needing. So I'm gonna start by going placing my wire behind the top loop about a inch sticking out one side. 14 inches sticking out the other and I'm just going to wrap the short end around the loop once. Now I got my long end coming out to the right hand side. Now if you're left handed you might want to do this in reverse I got the wire coming out. I what to take it from the back side and push it through the middle you don't want the wire to kink up, use your fingers to help guide it through so now it's coming out the inside of your bead wrapper and take my donut ring, my sea glass shape, thread it through so now it sits in the middle and I'm gonna try to hold it in the middle. It's a little hard to make it so that it doesn't go the way to the side I'm going to do my best to hold it in place. Now take my wire up and around and set it right down into that first groove. Now I'm gonna pinch it I want it to shape to the side of the ring now I'm going to take the end of my wire and put it through that donut shape again and again I wanna make sure that my wire is not kinked and I'm gonna go now up and through the next groove. I'm trying to make it so that doesn't pull to tight towards the edge but it is hard, even if it does it's still going to look really pretty. So now I'm just gonna repeat so I'm just going from the back, forward through the middle of the donut and through the next groove. You're just gonna continue in this process all the way around almost there just a couple more and continue the same exact process the whole time One more. Put it into that last groove. Now I'm not gonna loop it back through. I'm just gonna loop around again that top loop Do one extra one for good measures went around twice and now I'm going to trim my tails this is going to be the back of my earring take my pliers press those tails into the wrapping. So that they're no longer rough All I have to do is open up the loop at the base of the earring hook slip on the top loop of the wrapper close it backup and you have a pair of earrings that looks like it was a lot harder to make then it's actually is and that is how you use these wire wrappers definitely feel free to experiment with stones that don't have holes that aren't drilled and different objects you want to trap in here because you don't necessarily have to go through the center you can go all the way around on those sides and move your wire in different directions. You can do a really free-form pattern or you can make it really uniform. You can really do a lot of different things. I hope this inspired you to try some earrings of you're own. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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