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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use the Dimpled Blingable phone case by BeadSmith with crystal chatons to make a blinged out crystal phone case and this phone case fits the iphone 4 and 4s. That's the only size that they make right now I'm not going to do an entire one for you, I'm just going to show you how it works and how you would do it but I do have this one that Kat made you can see they're really pretty, they're very sparkly and eye catching so we do have a book of patterns and I've taken mine apart so that I can have a single sheet but the book cover looks like this and it's got lots of fun patterns in it and the pattern pages look like this and they tell you what colors your gonna want and approximately how many of each you'll need and then you have different colorways at the bottom too. So this one Kat did "The Not Your Grandpa's Argyle" pattern and she did it in the green colorway thats at the bottom there you'll need a case and inside the package you do get this little template which would work if you want to design your own pattern, you can just fill in the colors on there. The chatons that we recommend for this we saw these Precioso chatons in the 17 pp size in 3 gram packs and so you can get all the colors that you need in a nice quality I'm not going to do a set pattern right now I'm just gonna show you kind of how they fit in there. I'm just using black crystal to get a nice contrast. So you will want a tool to help you work with the chatons. I'm going to using a magical pic I think these are really easy to use. I actually find them easier to handle than the full size magic pics We do sell several different tools for that this is the one I prefer. So I'm just going to make little piles right now of my colors of chatons when you follow the pattern you wanna have everything accessible so that you can glue in place quickly before your glue dries. The glue that'll you'll use is GS hypo cement. This is a very strong glue. It has a really nice precision tip I always like to have piece a scratch paper handy to lay my glue on because it will continue to come out of the tip when you set it down. So it has a very small precision tip which is going to help you get through just in the little teeny dimples on the case. When you follow a pattern, it gives you a recommended starting point so go ahead and find that point on the phone I recommend starting where they tell you to and working just across a line. You can work across and then go back up and finish and then start down you can work down if you want, just try to make sure that you're going to be working so that you're not laying a hand a lot your stuff before the glue is dry. So what you do is follow the pattern, laying down the color where the color dot is. I'm gonna do it just alternating colors and you can also do that if you make up your own patterns, you can lady it out however you like to do so. I'm going to just put a dab glue into the dimple, use the magic pic to pick up a chaton and press it into the dimple and then you want to roll the magic pic off the crystal. If you just try to pick it right back up it will sometimes pick your crystal right back up when you push it down you want to roll it off and then dab off the glue that's accumulated on the tip and continue now once you get the hang of this as long as you work quickly you can do more than one at a time, so you could probably do three or so at a time, just dab dab dab and it will go a lot more quickly again make sure you roll who like that it can come right off. This one is stubborn. Roll that off just like that and dab, dab, dab and as you can see, actually it kinda fills up a little bit more quickly then it seems like it might. If you've seen the video on doing a beadle point case this is going to be much faster than that you can get a really really beautiful Luxe looking iPhone case and it is going to take you a lot less time than the Beadle point. One thing I do want to mention is that when you put this on your phone you're going to be bending the case a little bit and some of the other chatons can pop out so what you wanna do as you want this to be the kinda case you're gonna put on your phone and leave on your phone for a while this isn't the kind of case you're gonna wanna take off and put on and switch out a whole lot so make sure that you keep extra chatons and you can always just glue one on if you do happen to lose one when you're taking it on and off. It's mostly only gonna happen when you're bending the case to get it on or off and I just wanna show you when you're done with the first row you're just going to move to the next row and in this case I'm going to go up first to finish the top and then go down after that and go row by row you just continue and you're gonna want to fill in all of the dimples all over the phone including these ones in the corner and then the side of the case is also dimpled and you'll notice if you're following a pattern the pattern doesn't go over the sides so what Kat did when she did this one is kind of fudged the pattern and try to keep the pattern going along the sides. So you can definitely do that what you can also do is just pick a solid color and put the solid color on the sides but it does dimple all the way around including a little row at the top so it will look nicer if you do ahead and finish the sides as well and that's all there is to it. All you do is continue the pattern all the way down and that's how you bling out the blingable cell phone case. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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