Third Hand Tool with Pointed Tweezer

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Designer: Julie Bean
For those projects where you need an extra hand for holding, balancing, attaching, or clamping, this tool is a life saver! A pair of heavy pointed pinch tweezers is attached via a double jointed arm to a weighted base. You can rotate the tweezers in multiple directions, affording great flexibility when working on projects.
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Hi. This is julie from I'm going to show you haw to use a Third Hand. Sometimes this is referred to as a third arm. Same thing. Basically what it does it gives you that extra arm, an extra hand which allows your hands to be free to work on your jewelry. So it's a great way of holding your various jewelry pieces in place. So the way it works is it has a weighted base which is going to keep it solid on the table and then it has a screw here which will allow you to remove your set of tweezers and these are spring action tweezers just squeeze them together and they open. You have another screw down here which is going to help to adjust the tension of the top spring. So what you're going to do is you're going to take your tweezers you're going to place them into the slot till they touch the base and you're going to twist the screw until it's tight and firm. What's nice is because you've got these two joints you have complete range of movement with your third hand. So for instance if you are going to be soldering something you can go ahead and squeeze the tweezers out your objects into them and then move it around until you get it at the angle you want and apply your your solder. I was recently doing this and it came quite handy. So you could do that or let's say you were working on a bracelet and you want to have just a extra hand to grip the chain and hold it as you put all the angles on and that's gonna make it a lot easier to do that. As you can see I can now actually hold my bracelet. See what it's going to look like and go ahead and attach various objects to the chain. So very handy to have. A Third Hand is a great tool add to your jewelry making toolbox. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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