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Hi, this is Julie with most of the chains that you see here are available by the foot summer by the inch but most of the time you'll buy and by the foot and by how much you need for your particular project also please note that there are many many more variations of every style of chain different finishes different sizes I just pulled one of each to give you a good example and a foundation for your knowledge base the first style of chain I want to review with you is a Czech glass beaded chain actually his little Czech glass beads have already been linked together this is a great time-saving chain so much of the work has been done for you and it really does look like you made it so it's a great way of cinching up time if you're making a lot of jewelry it's also just really pretty here is a little pearl chain you can see these little pearls have been individually wire wrapped and linked together and this particular one goes pearl gemstone pearl gemstone there are others that are solid pearl so there's a lot of variation with that chain here's a gemstone chain these are actual real gemstones and they too have been wire wrapped together this particular one has a lot of dangles on it there are ones which are more similar to this style here that's just gemstone linked together to another gemstone linked together to another gemstone here's a rhinestone cup chain this is kind of fun because you can squish it together pull it apart you'll notice that all the crystals are individually set so that's a fun chain to work with charm chain charm chain is a great chain in that you can use just a little bit of it and create a nice focal piece or you can take off these individual charms and use them in a different project fishbone chain this is named because it looks like the spine of a fish here is a Rolo chain a popular style very elegant nice round links here's a long short oval chain so it got its name because this has long and short links combined together a lot of variation you'll see in the long short chain style category Byzantine chain really pretty and intricate crinkle chain crinkle chain looks like little peanuts has a lot of texture to it Figaro chain here's a heavy flattened curb chain so heavy because it's quite a substantial chain this particular one flattened because you can see it's got little cuts in it where it hasn't flattened and then curb is the actual style of chain here is a hammered oval cable chain so here hammered because of the texture oval because of the shape of the link and the actual style is cable so I'm trying to give you a little bit more information on some other terms that you might see along the way as well here is a bubble chain pretty little rounds two Styles a box chain there is a rectangular box chain and then just the more common squared box chain figure-eight chain gets its name because of the figure eight shape of the actual chain link beading chain this is a very sleek soft chain great for delicate jewelry projects if you're making layered necklaces you might want to consider that ball chain absolutely name because it's like little balls on a chain two examples of bar chain the first one here is a straight bar and this comes in a variety of lengths as well and sometimes they're textured sometimes they're smooth and then I have a scalloped bar chain as well what's nice about bar chains is they're very easy to cut apart and use as individual links in earrings and other projects that are just connected by a jump ring a twisted rope chain heart link chain little links are actually little hearts to chains by silver silk I have one that is just a pretty knit chain and the other one has a ball chain running through the center and then I have a ladder chain so a lot of variety in the different styles of chain I want to show you a couple applications of use first off here I have a cuff that uses rhinestone cup chain and you can see has actually just been glued onto the brass cuff really quick and easy project but a beautiful statement piece of jewelry results from it here's an example of that fishbone chain you can see you didn't have to use a lot of it's just a couple inches for a focal piece now here's an example of a cable chain and you can see it varies quite a bit from that other example so this is a silver plated cable chain and by using just a little bit we were able to extend the length of the earrings so that they can really dangle and have fun and be very playful here is some pearl chain and this is a pearl chain with a bunch of little dangles on it the same design could be done with that gemstone chain very easily as well and here's one more example of cable chain and you can see that for this example we did what most people do with chain whereas they created the actual necklace portion of a design now let's say you're making a piece of jewelry and you don't necessarily want to have you don't necessarily want to use bulk chain you want something pre-made for you there are options for you in terms of finished pieces of chain jewelry so we've got bracelets and necklaces all of these come complete with their findings already attached so I've got two bracelet samples I have a European large whole style bead bracelet already complete and then I have a charm bracelet and then I pulled three necklace examples to show you not only the variety in styles and finishes but also the variety in lengths as well and these two come with their findings already attached I hope you enjoyed the style guide to chains you can find all of these chains and any variations of each at you

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