Show & Tell: ColorEYES Beading Needles

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video we are showing off the ColorEYES Beading Needles which are brilliantly color coordinated to make sure you are using the right needle for your project. They come in three sizes and we even offer a multi-pack to help you when you may not know which size is best.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with easels is not only the fact that we have a multipack but the fact that you can buy each one and then as you use them if you should put a needle down or if it goes into a case you'll always know which size you're pulling out to use for your project which is just a really genius thing so I'm actually going to kind of open up this one here now this is the one that has two of each so we're going to get size 10 11 and 12 so we're going to get two of each in here and just so when you open this up you see that those 12s are going to be the two on the ensel's are the red and then the 11s are going to have that little blue green and the tens are going to be black now as you know the bigger the number the size the smaller than needle so if you're kind of looking to test out something or if you're not sure what's going to work for your project I would definitely recommend getting the multi pack if you know that you always use size 12 for your projects go ahead and get those two this is the most common size that we use here at beadaholique beads let's say 1000 15 oh you can go for it at 10 or 12 I'm sorry and 11 or 12 if you're going to be working with slightly larger ones you can go for the 10 so it's just a really great little thing but these are standard size beading needles but all they do is have that nice colored tip so again if you kind of put them in a little canister like many people have or if they're just on your table you know exactly the one that you're picking up so this is a great little product so these are the color eyes beading needles from the bead Smith so be sure to pick up a multipack and then pick up your favorite I hope you enjoyed this video you can check out all of these and even more by heading over to betta Holly dot-com you

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