Show and Tell: Czech Glass Silky Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn more about Czech Glass 2-hole Silky beads and the variety of colors and finishes available at These beads are great for either stringing or bead weaving projects and because of the placement of their holes, you can creating interesting shapes and designs. Also shown in the video is the Camille Bracelet that uses Silky beads and seed beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and first off before I show you the wide range of colors I want to show you a really cool project so you can see what you can do with them this is called the Camille bracelet it was done by our designer Kat I actually I'm wearing a black sweater on purpose here because I want to show you how pretty that is now these beads are diamond shaped and they do have two holes allowing you to do a lot of different intricate unusual bead weaving patterns with them so I want to show you these beads then they come in picasso finish opaque as well as transparent let me show you the whole orientation so I just have a couple of head pins here there's one hole there and another hole there and that's where your thread path is going to go now this is a diamond shaped silky that is table cut you see it's been flattened almost like it's been the sliced off revealing the color beneath so they do come in table cut and they also come in just what we're calling diamond shaped which is rounded a good example of that would be this color right here you can see he's got like a rounded top versus that sliced table cut so two different styles and our product listings will show you each so now I want to show you the wide range of colors I'm not going to go over each color name unless there are two colors which are pretty close and that way I want to show you them side-by-side so you can see them so a really pretty blue ish color a nice amethyst now here we get two two that are very similar so we have green zircon Picasso and this is table cut you can see it's been sheared and then the other one is teal Picasso so very similar this one has a little bit more red in it this one has a little bit more of this lime-green accent almost you see is more modeled and then this one is a little bit more subtle so very similar just a little bit different on those we have a clear with a yellow another real pre pale blue this is lovely Picasso a purple gray a couple more shades of blue and green another green zircon white now we get to two very similar ones and actually they are the same finish their jet Picasso but one is just the diamond-shaped where you can see that Picasso has gone all the way over the top of the bead and then we also have a jet Picasso table cut where you can see where that slice is you see the actual just solid opaque jet behind it so regular diamond shape and then also the table cut now we're getting into ones that to me look very similar so I want to show you their color name so this is opaque gray Picasso milky jean qu'il Picasso and another opaque gray Picasso but again not with the table cut so the table cut is exposing that gray undertone and the non table cut is more of the uniform Picasso then over here we've got I love it the manufacturer providing me with tags green opaque Picasso sapphire Picasso super pretty now again a couple more similar ones milky Jean qu'il Picasso this is opaque beige Picasso and Alex Picasso and then this one here is topaz picasso so we love the Picasso's when we saw these beads we instantly thought that they look really stunning in the Picasso just as extra depth to them so we have dark amethyst Picasso ruby picasso dark amethyst picasso again with the table cut versus the non table cut and opaque red picasso and then here we have the opaque red picasso with the table cut so that can show you the difference and then these ones down here we're just some of our favorites we just really love these so we have the crystal picasso we've got this one here which does not have a tag but this is a Montana Picasso just a real pretty opaque beige love this one topaz chalk white picasso another one that doesn't have a label for me but this is light green Picasso again it's not table cut it's got the red you see the red picasso lining the side and then the picasso finished his uniform and then on this one we have milky Sean keel which Tamiya almost has like a green look to it which you'll see a little bit more against my black sweater so now that we've gone through all the colors I do want to bring you back to this really pretty bracelet and you'll find the instructions for it as well as a video on and again it's the Camille bracelet using these new to hold Czech beads which are called silky in the diamond shape and this bracelet is by our designer Kat so you can find all these beads and more at you

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