Show & Tell: Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017 Pave Pendants and Beads

SKU VID-1023
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017 collection features a wide array of pave crystal beads and pendants. In the collection are dragonfly and tiger head pendants as well as animal print large hole beads. Also included are additions to the BeCharmed large hole bead collection.
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Hi, this is Julie with deeds which are part of the swarovski innovations spring summer 2017 collection i'm going to start over here with these dragonfly pendants they're quite sparkly and lovely and they come in more colors than what i have represented here i just want to show you a sampling i do want to show you their backside as well because it's very nicely done of course it's by swarovski so they're really a lovely quality piece and they are all marked Saurav ski and we've got some gold plate here as well as rhodium plate and there's two different sizes so the small one is going to be 18 millimeters and the large one is going to be 30 millimeters now what's nice about these is they can really be used as a focal you can use them in the earring you can use them on a charm bracelet so a lot of different options for this really pretty and very elegant dragonfly then over here we have the tiger pave pendant and again I just have a couple on the table here but there are other color combinations available and this is a substantial pendant it's kind of hard to convey that in video form but it really does weigh quite a bit it's got some nice heft to it's a really solid piece if I turn it over you're going to see that it is marked Swarovski and there are different metal finishes here so we've got the rhodium plate the gold plate and gunmetal plate a nice solid loop up at the top and then if you see here we have an example it's been turned into a necklace and our designer cap made this you really see the nice detail work of that Tiger pendant and continuing with the animal theme there's some animal print pavé beads here and these are got the nice large hole again mark Swarovski so we've got leopard print a zebra print so in the zebra print you've got the black and tan and the traditional black and white and the same thing with the leopard print you've got a black and white and then you've got the black and tan and this is really more of a hematite quite black-and-whites a little bit more muted than that it's really very pretty with that really nice of large-hole and what I like about this example that cat did is she just went ahead and she put a I pin through a bicone the bead another bicone and then made a simple loop at the top she was able to turn this bead into a focal for this necklace you don't just have to use these beads solely on large whole European style bracelets and then up here we have the four elements we've got fire water air and earth and let me hold these guys up so you can see them and their crystals these are some of my favorite Show and Tell videos to do because as wonderful as I think photography can be it's really hard to capture all those sparkles on a still photo so it's kind of nice that I have this option here of showing them to you in a video form so you can see how they do sparkle brilliantly and now the last thing I want to show you are some more additions to the be charmed collection again it's a large hole bead so we've got hearts and then here's the Adel ways and then we also have this really lovely pearlescent white pearl which is the new pearl color for this collection by Swarovski and it really shimmers and what I like about this color of pearl is it's going to pick up whatever color its next to so if you put that pink bead next to it is really going to shine more pink if you put the red next to it it's going to pick up more of the red if you put it next to something that was blue it would look more blue great pearl color by Swarovski so you can find all of these pieces as well as all the crystals that were part of the Swarovski innovation spring summer 2017 collection at you

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