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Hi, this is Julie with odd 'old finish to them and you can see they come in a variety of colors and three different sizes so we've got eight millimeters six millimeters and little four millimeter ones i want to hold these guys up so you can really take a close up look at that finish on them so it's really a modeled look kind of speckled and you see that there's black their silver and then there's a wonderful bright top coat color in this case the color is pink so you can imagine this would look great paired with jet it look great paired with silver a lot of different things you can do with it I do want to show you the next color which is red and I want to a side by side between the red and the pink because that's important if you're doing design work so the pink is really a hot pink and the red is more of a rosy blush red so that's the pink and the red they've got a really nice blue that would look great in projects that incorporate denim colors of course silver again with that a nice violet now here's light copper and gold so the light copper you could even use with rose gold and then the gold itself is a nice muted gold not super shiny would look great with matte gold findings and chain then yellow and really look at this finish again these are all round fire polished beads then we've got green and finally we have silver you see this is really nice combination of silver and black you've got that pretty speckled Tweety look to it and this would look beautiful with hematite or bright silver findings a lot of different things you could do with it as well and then finally let me just pull these all together because they are so cool looking and then just look at those finishes and look at those colors would be fun to combine several of these in one different project for a really cool unique look you can find these check fire polish tweedy beads at betta lecom you

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