Show & Tell: Swarovski Crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2020

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will get to see the Austrian crystal Innovations Spring/Summer 2020 collection up close. The new cuts, colors and effects from Austrian crystal are designed to evoke 'the power of emotions'. To showcase this collection we have designed beautiful projects to inspire you.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and you can tell that we here at beadaholique so be sure to head over to betta Holly calm that's where you'll be able to see all the free tutorials I'm going to talk about here today and you'll be able to purchase everything you see all right so let's go ahead and dive in and start talking about some of the beautiful things that you'll see with this collection so up here I have the princess cut pendants now you can see we have a wide variety of colors everything from a beautiful pinks and reds you know this is gonna be your light Siam which is gonna just be gorgeous and then we have you know your really classic gem colors that's gonna be similar to an emerald and even an amethyst there so you can see that we've created a nice little necklace here incorporating in some little bicones and we wanted to make sure that you guys knew exactly how to incorporate this into a necklace so you'll be able to see this design like I said by heading over to so this is the princess cut pendant and this is a 16 millimeter now if you want very specific sizing on everything be sure to check out like I said but that will give you some a little bit of a reference there so this is about 16 millimeters so with that said I want to move over to the Kaleidoscope fancy stone now the fancy stones are a little bit different they don't have a whole like the pendant does so let me go ahead and flip this guy over so you can see what it looks like on the back it has a nice pointed back and you can see that it sits into the well of a nice little setting and I have a necklace here for you to see so this just sits in there with just a little bit of e6000 glue and that will stay in there and he's not going anywhere but just a beautiful crystal and you can see it has that nice square facet right on the top but has almost a kaleidoscope feel as you stare into the center of it so again we have some of those beautiful gem colors we have that emerald there again and this might be one of my favorites this is a Christel a bee and it's just got so much sparkle happening in there very very beautiful all right so let's move along to something that's a little bit different now these are the crystal fine rocks tubes and they come in three different sizes so you can see over here we have the eight millimeters and we also have thirty and we have 15 now you can incorporate these into the same design which i think is so wonderful we've definitely made the colors coordinated nicely for you and again this is just a selection of the colors that we have so you can head over to and check that out but here we have the little guys here the little eight millimeters and they make perfect earrings because they are sold in pairs so we have a lovely little design here and we have some beautiful metallic elements happening there as nice little end caps and then we have a couple of necklace designs here again using those little bead caps and end caps to kind of give it just that nice little finishing touch there all right let's move on down here so down here we have the shimmer line now this is an extension for Swarovski so they've added a few new colors for example we have this beautiful aquamarine and I paired that with some sterling silver frames just very very simple so here are some of those bicones and if you're unfamiliar with the shimmer what it is is it's sort of a subtle version of a similar crystal a B so a B stands for aurora borealis and that's gonna be that really sharp a B you can actually kind of see it over here on the kaleidoscope so this is a really sharp version and you can see it has a little bit of a yellow tint to it so this is crystal a B but what you're getting on these aquamarine bicones here is you're actually getting a nice little shimmer effect so it's sort of the go-between between a regular crystal and an a B and that you can actually see that over here as I talked about some of the other colors so we have some peridot this is actually the crystal shimmer so again you're getting just that little flash of that a be that little shimmer as you will and then we have some beautiful pinks and purples here with that tanzanite and rose so very very beautiful that light amethyst color is just going to be quite stunning and you can see that over here in this and I combined the crystal shimmer we have a nice little pair pendant there and some beautiful little bicones to create a fun little cluster now the little guy up top there that is the lacquer Pro and these are the delights so we have five new colors to showcase that so we have the Laguna which is this beautiful teal color we have the sunshine which is just such a happy yellow and then going down here we have the ocean and the peach and I actually combine those into a ring I just thought they really complement each other really nicely and then over here we have the lavender and you can see that I paired it with that peridot shimmer so just a really beautiful collection and you can see that it really all comes together now as we were looking at that sunshine we have over here that Eden green pearl now this is not an iridescent pearl although look at it shine it is just so beautiful it's so rich and very saturated so we have these in the eight six four and two millimeters now these two millimeters are perfect for bead weaving so if you want to add a little pop of color to a bead woven piece or let's say you know you're doing some Bridal work we have these and many other colors as well so the two millimeter pearls are gonna be great for anyone who enjoys bead weaving but of course this is a nice strong design here and I wanted to pair it with some gold so that you could see that it pairs nicely with gold but in the earrings that I showed you earlier they actually pair really nicely with the silver as well so you can just sort of see that right up close there so it's really nice with the gold and really nice with the silver which I think makes it a wonderfully versatile color so there you have the Swarovski crystal innovations spring/summer 2020 collection you can get all of the supplies you see here and see the free tutorials by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel here be sure to hit that subscribe button below so you don't miss a thing from beadaholique

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