Show & Tell: New Spikes, Studs, and Arrows

SKU VID-0622
Designer: Julie Bean
We get lots of product requests at and when we can, we like to find what you are looking for. This video showcases 3 of our most requested items: spikes, studs, and arrows. The studs are very substantial and are meant to be screwed into place. The spikes are nice and lightweight which allows you to layer many of them on a single piece of jewelry and the the arrows are bedecked in rhinestones that will add a bit of glam to your design. Use these on trend projects in necklace, earrings, and bracelets.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with and those items for you to work into your beadwork first off have these great really lightweight spikes they're a third plastic and they're super lightweight which makes them nice because you can then use a lot of them in a project so I've got one which has two drill holes and has three spikes and then I've got this one here which has a nice large hole if you're doing something with cord or braiding and it comes in three different sizes again super lightweight so you can really layer these and stack them into your projects if you want something a little heavier duty or these are metal and they are actually quite substantial and strong and these are screw in and basically you just see you can take a household screwdriver right there and then you unscrew the base like so so perhaps you are doing a leather or faux leather bracelet you've punched a hole and then you want to add these two and you don't need a riveting tool or anything like that you just punch that hole and then sandwich your piece of leather or faux leather between the top part of the spike and then the screw on base and then just use your household screwdriver just screw that into place and you see that these actually come in three sizes we have this nice big one right here we have another one which is a little less point if you look at the tip of it and of course a little shorter and then we have this tiny one as well which actually has a nice little decorative groove along the side and that actually has quite a high profile for the diameter of the spike itself so that's really a different interesting look and again it's just got that little screw on on the back and then the other item we keep getting requests for are more arrows which these are great because they've got the two loops which makes them perfect if you're going to be doing perhaps like a macrame or a wrap bracelet and you want to put these in the center so we've got a coarse rose gold finish we have a silver finish a black gunmetal and then also a gold finish and you can see what they look like on both sides so I hope you enjoyed this quick show-and-tell and please do keep sending us your requests and so we can keep our eyes out for all the different things you're looking for you

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