Show & Tell: Brass Initial Stampings

SKU VID-0619
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you can check out the new brass initial stampings available at These lightweight and medium sized initials are a great way to personalize a gift or keepsake. You can also use them to update an older piece of jewelry and make it more 'current'.
Audio Transcript
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you Hi, this is Julie with izing your jewelry these are really trending right now we're seeing these a lot in handcrafted jewelry as well as in the fashion industry and they're a great way of really personalizing your jewelry projects so I've pulled one of each letter here so you can see them I really wanted you to see them in a video so you can see the scale against my hand so there are nice size they're not too overpowering there's a nice detail but they're big enough to really you know add that extra finishing touch to your design so I have the whole alphabet here I'm going to have Alison or videographer just pan over them so you can just see what they look like they measure about 10.5 millimeters to 11 millimeters and they would be the equivalent of a 24 gauge metal like a sheet metal which is about point five millimeters thick and each of them has a little ring that you can attach a jump ring too and that jump ring can be up to 16 gauge in terms of thickness so you know I want to show you really quickly how to use these and this is a great way of even up dating an older perhaps design that you've done this is my Bridal bliss bracelet and I thought how fun would it be if you were say getting married and had this or maybe some bridesmaid jewelry if you just wanted to personalize it so I took a jump ring here and I'm just going to open it and I'm actually going to add two initials I'm going to add my initial and my husband so if I was getting married I'd wear this so mine would be a J for Julie just put the jump ring through it I'm going to attach it could be anywhere just going to attach it up near the clasp who's my jump ring and then my husband's name is Brett so this initial would be a be so I'm going to grab the be put it on there as well you can see they look really nice from both sides if you wanted to if be actually really fun to patina these or hammer them do a lot of different things to them they look great as they are though so just like that I put our two initials the J and the B and so now is a personalized bracelet then I just did to a design i already had you could just do one initial you could do to you could do the initials of your children of your bridesmaids of your own name whatever you want to do and they really do look very nice very easy to use and their scale I think is really good for jewelry making and these are available on you

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