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Hi, this is Julie with so they have these nice cutout shapes you can see there's a variety of shapes including this filmstrip style one which i love and they also come in a variety of finishes so we've got gold plate rhodium plate and then gunmetal you see the gunmetal is darker than the rhodium and in terms of things you can do with them you can do something like this where one of our designers covered it in faux suede and embroidered around it you could also cover it in a nice faux leather like this piece of create wrecklessly faux leather right here you could leave them as is or even do wire wrapping and they also want to show you these cuffs right here now these are raw brass and they come in four different widths and I really do like these a lot of different artistic possibilities with them as well and then one final note you'll notice the corners on all of these are really nice and rounded so when you put them on your wrists and you can squeeze them a little to adjust they're not going to cause any type of scratching you can find these cuffs as well as many others and projects using them at you

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