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hi this is kat with but what we also have is we have a little half Teela's and you can see that in this sort of frosted blue version and then we have quarter Teela's which are even smaller so of course full half quarter now the cool thing is is that you can put these together and actually sort of make full Tila beads now in this particular mix you're going to get two different colors of the Telos you're going to get two different colors of the half and then you're also going to get two different colors of the quarters and that's how all of the little mixes here are so let me talk to you about some of those colors so we have this beautiful blue and white and gray mix we also have this one over here which is some really lovely greens and irises and purples and then over here we have these little Jasper ones which I think are gonna be really really cool and we also have some of that bronze style with a little white and sort of hematite in there as well and then this one's kind of fun I like the coral and teal with the sort of sandy-colored here and you get that nice little sort of pink iris that's happening on some of those larger Tila beads there here we have some green and again this is a really nice sort of contrast one where you get some of those ones that are matte and then some that are shiny which is kind of cool and you can see that in my little design here and I'm going to talk about this in just a second but finally we have the red black and white version here and of course that's in this design so let me bring these two designs together because I want you to see sort of how these can fit together so in this red black and white version this is two strands of beading wire that are running sort of vertically down the bracelet so you can see that you can just alternate and add in some of those quarter teal is half teal is and it gives you a really cool snake-like effect which i think is really neat you get the stripes that way and then in this version here this was done on the rapid loom and with this one the holes are going up and down this way so they're kind of more vertical as opposed to those horizontal lines and you can see that all of the little so that's a full Tila bead and then you can do a half into quarters to kind of get that little shape you can do two of the halves you can do four of the quarters they all equal that one Tila bead so you can just see how they sit together and are actually kind of their own little version of a bead substitute so when you're using these mixes don't be afraid to use them all in the same design but I love that the colors are mixed so let's say you wanted to just take out just the little quarter teyla's from this one and use them for something you can absolutely do that and because they're all designed to the same you can actually mix and match the mixes so there's a lot of variety and a lot of fun that you can have there so these are the Miyuki Tila shape mixes and you can get all of these by heading over to and of course be sure to hit that subscribe button below and that bell to get notified when we have brand new videos every single week

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