Show & Tell: Czech Glass Etched Finish Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the unique etched finish of Czech Glass Beads. The etched finish is a natural organic style finish that comes in variations of gold, silver, and copper on bead shapes such as honeycomb, dagger, seed beads and more.
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Hi, this is Kat with but i just wanted to pull out some of my favorites so I could really show off this really cool finish all right so let's actually begin all the way up here at the top and I want to show off at these really cool little teardrops so you can see that these ones are a little small and they're so sweet and so adorable they actually kind of have a little glowy finish to them and these are just really really fun we have a couple of different colors here as you can see we have some that are a jet finish some that are gonna be more of a silver and really on the silver one you can see that edge that kind of crackle II finish and it looks like you know some sort of a rocker like a lava bead or something that you've pulled out of the earth and I just think they're so neat so this is where you can really see that kind of edge finish that we're talking about so we do have that smaller size but we also do have a larger size here as well and you can see just kind of side by side let me put these guys next to each other but there is a nice little size difference we do have all the exact dimensions in case you're curious and you can find that in each product listing at we want to make it really easy for you guys to shop and design with these great beads so those are the little teardrops and then moving over here we do have some traditional Czech fire polish beads in several different sizes and different shapes so you can see down here these are the bigger shapes that are excuse me the bigger size that we have here these are eight millimeters and again on the silver especially you can really see that edge happening and I want to pull out one of these guys here this is the really cool sort of visceral finish and you can just see that it looks like a little bit of an oil slick very cool little beads right so again just kind of take a look we have a couple of different sizes we have some different colors here some different color mixes and then over here these ones are a little bit more of an oval shape and these are going to look great and let's say a strong design so really love these ones and for another little unique shape of the sort of check fire-polished look we have these beads here and these are actually called lantern beads and they kind of a little sloped side to them you can really see them in the strands here and these are gonna be really fun to work with I did a little wire wrapping with these to create that in a lovely little necklace there and I included in some of those seed beads as well which we're gonna get to in just a moment but this hood just has a really unique kind of shape and I think you'll really enjoy working with these ones as well alright so for another sort of traditional thing here we have some of the fire polish in the true twos and these are two millimeters they're super eighty bitty tiny but they are great they kind of work almost like you might want to work with seed beads so they're gonna add a little bit of that flare to a design but they're gonna be nice and teensy-tiny and then I paired them in this design with some of the trucks and the trucks are more rounded than the fire polish beads so while they might come in the same finishes they're gonna be more of a round bead and you can really again see that especially in the silver here so I've just done a little knotting here just to bring in a little blue color with that silver so that nice kind of wrap bracelet look here and I did that with that drugs and those true twos alright so our final couple of shapes here then I before we get to the seed beads is I want to talk about some dagger beads now these ones are actually really really cool because they have that nice flat surface so you are getting a lot of that edge look on the front and a lot of these do have sort of different color codings so you're gonna get a lot of different flash of lights like this for example is one color but you know you start to turn it over and it's like oh you get a little flash of pink so these are gonna be great for a design that has maybe a little bit of movement so we have the daggers here and then we also have the flat teardrops now these are really fun these are side drilled and they have a hole that's just like there and it's right notice next too close to the top so you can actually do a little wire wrapping these are gonna kind of act like briolettes which is actually really cool alright so we had those in a couple of finishes and like I said guys this is just a few of our selection that we have at we have many more colors a lot for you to guys to choose from so I just wanted to pull out some of my favorites and some of our selection here and then last but not least we have the two whole honeycomb beads and these are the only two whole beads that we have in the etched right now so these are actually really wonderful again you can see that just sort of flash of that edge and I just love how this works and you have those ones that have a little bit of a flat surface to them so you get a lot going on here a lot to play with alright so last but not least here we have our seed beads again a very small selection as you can see there's a lot of colors going on in here but I wanted to pull out a couple little representations of each of the colors and some of the sizes that we have so we have everything from two oh one oh four oh six oh eight oh and eleven oh of the seed beads here so you can actually use a lot of these and you know maybe kumihimo designs you can see that we did a wrap it loom here and these are three of my favorites and I wanted to pull these out so we have a gold a silver and a chrome kind of finish so the chrome is a little bit of a darker silver and then you have this a little bit more bright silver and then we have a gold and this is going to be really great to sort of work into some of the other designs and work with some of the other beads that we have here so we also do have some that do have that vitriol finish on them so again you kind of get that cool little oil slick sort of look but this is just a great little design that really showcases how natural they look you know they have that beautiful sort of organic feel to them but these are the check edged glass beads and they are really fun to work with we hope you enjoy these and have lots of fun working them into your designs thanks for watching this is you can see everything there and be sure to hit that subscribe button below if you're brand new to our YouTube channel

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