Show & Tell: Czech Glass Ginko and Chevron 2-Hole Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the Czech Glass Ginko and Chevron 2-Hole beads. They are wonderful for bead weaving projects and work well with other 2-Hole beads to give dimension to your designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with heed now these are great you can see that I've just used a couple of head pins because I want you to see the thread paths that go through these beads but these are great to incorporate into all of your multi hole dimensional bead weaving so let's first start talking about the chevron bead so the chevron has that nice little pointed edge there and I love that it's got these points at the bottom so you get a really nice sharp little arrow now what's great is you can see over here that we have some arrows sort of together you can also use them as little frames here and you can see one of the examples that I did you can see where they come together and I used these great little things they are Toho Demi round seed beads and these are the 11 Oh size and they just provide just that little extra space so you can really see that see that shape pop through so also in here you can see that you can put three of them kind of together to create a nice little unit there and these are the czech glass to hold cabochon beads so you can see that they play really nicely with other two whole beads so here are some of the colors that we have we have some great Silver's and I love this matte black I think that's gonna be great to incorporate we have some beautiful ivories I love this bronze again we have a lot of nice matte colors here and some shiny colors you can sort of see that we have this kind of coppery one in a matte and then this version in a little bit more of a shiny finish now as you can see these are sold by the Strand so you get a lot of beads to choose from so this is a great thing you can kind of buy different colors and mix and match really really wonderful and really fun to work with alright so let's move on to the ginkgo beads here and I just want to show you that this project here uses the Chevron and the ginkgos together so you can see that they actually play really nice so when I say that they work well with other two whole beads the ginkgos can be those beads all right now they Kinko's let me draw your eye back down here this is again showing you that thread path that goes through there but what you might not be seeing on the video but I just want to kind of point out to you is that as you look across the top it actually slopes a little bit down it doesn't come to a point but you can see that in the little example that I've kind of set up here hopefully you're seeing that light kind of dance across the top and you're seeing it slope down to the tip there it's ever so slightly but what it does do is it gives you that nice petal like effect or almost like a scale like effect like you can see that I've kind of set them up here and you could make some fun designs by kind of nesting them into each other so really really cute and then also don't forget that you can use them as petals and you can point and use the points outward but they also work great when you sort of string them together and these are strung with the minus part pukka so these are single whole beads but they kind of nest right into those little notches alright and again we have some beautiful colors here but I want to show you one more project let me just sort of bring it in it looks beautiful on the bust here and what we have is that nice little row of those gingko beads and here we see them playing really nicely with those Czech glass mini super duos so those are really really nice and just some seed beads in there as well so this is a great little design idea just to add a little extra embellishment so again we have some beautiful colors you can see some of the options that we have here again we have some that are matte we have some that are shiny so you can really choose and mix-and-match now all of these ones up here these are just little samples but I did want to point out this is a full lot over here so you do actually get a lot of beads so you can make some really fun fun designs so this is what the full lot looks like and these are just little color samples I just wanted to point that out for you but that's it these are the Chevron and the ginkgo beads these are two whole Czech glass beads and they're going to work really great with other multi whole beads you can shop all of these beads and see all of these tutorials that you've seen here by heading over to

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