Show & Tell: Gemstone Bezel Pendants and Links

SKU VID-0614
Designer: Julie Bean
This show and tell video showcases all the lovely new styles of gemstone bezel pendants and links that are now available for sale at These lovely components are perfect for creating easy and elegant jewelry that has an heirloom quality about it and is sure to treasured by whomever wears it.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and in this show & tell I wanna show you our new selection of gemstone bezel pendants and links. If you remember a couple months ago we got our first collection in of these wonderful gemstone bezels and they were very popular and we've got a lot of request to get some more in so we did and right here I have just a collection of some other new styles that we have in and you'll see we have this amazing dyed purple stone which is just spectacular, Here's a bracelet that Kat did and we have the instructions for it on A really fun bracelet where you have that focal piece. We also have these great new dipped pendants which are fun and you can see what they look like. So they've got it on both sides and the hook and they're dipped so that they just have that really fabulous topper and here I've taken a little bit of gemstone chain and you can see just how pretty this one would look if you just hung it from it and that would be a great necklace piece. I have another project example right here and again this is by Kat it's a wrap bracelet with this beautiful green stone as the focal. So I'm going to kind of show you an overview of these and you can go onto our website and actually pick them out and see what different stones they are but we've got this intense turquoise color, we've got a great dyed green and dyed purple, which will really add a pop of color there's a new shape for us, this is something we don't have in the last batch These are really fun dramatic for perhaps a pair of earrings. All you really need to do is hang an earring hook on that and you're done you have Labradorite, I have Chalcedony beautiful black, intense coral color a lot of different things you can do with these a whole new selection of the druzys here it's flat on the back and it's got that great druzy on the front. We have these in both pendant style and link styles, so you can hang something from the bottom of it as well and then of course the dipped which come in all different sizes and all different stones so pretty. Real quickly again I'm just gonna pick these up so you can see them from all sides do that with these as well. Beautiful focal pieces, really unique will offer you something different. This is the type of jewelry you can put together really quickly and easily yet it looks like it came from an expensive boutique which is really fun and nice to be able to produce something like that and not have to spend a lot of time at it Just so so pretty. You can check these out along with our other offerings on Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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