Show & Tell: Exclusive Beadaholique Holiday Kits 2019

SKU VID-1729
Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see the Holiday versions of our best selling exclusive kits from 2019. These new designs and colors will get you in the holiday spirit, plus they make great gifts for friends and family too!
Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with to art by showing you the two new loom patterns that we have up here so we've done one that's very blue and gold and it's very wintery and kind of snowy so this is one of them and then we also have this sort of dark Christmas sweater it's a really rich green and bronze and red so those are gonna be two brand-new patterns that you can get now the good thing about these ones here is that they actually offer refill kits as well so you can do it the full kit if you don't have the loom or you can just do the refill kit if you want a brand new pattern and those new beads they're alright and then continuing the Christmas we also have our memory wire stacked bracelet kits here now these were some of our most popular kits and now we have this really fun holiday version it's got some great seed beads some wood beads some Czech beads there and I love this little pearl white it just adds a little elegance to it I love that and then if you're wanting some more bead weaving we do have our carrier beads kit here now this is going to feature brand new patterns as well and also these are six of the beads that you can make with these but you're also going to get two additional patterns so you'll actually get eight different patterns to choose from so you can sort of mix and match and make this one a longer or shorter bracelet if you wish all right so that's the carrier beads bracelet and then we have some wire wrapping if you're interested in that we have a beautiful Christmas version here with those lovely Swarovski pearls and then we also wanted to do a little New Year's edition and again that's features those little gold Swarovski pearls and it's sort of a mixed metal so this is actually going to be a great thing not only just for New Year's but also for a year round and speaking of another year round we have our kumihimo now this is that 12 Warp kumihimo so if you've bought one of those kits this will come in a refill version as well so this is going to be a great little gift for you so this is that 12 or kumihimo and finally I have a Swarovski crystal necklace this is our Hamptons necklace and this features a beautiful Rivoli some lovely little pearls and some lovely red beads there so this is definitely holiday at party ready so these are the holiday editions of our exclusive kits and you can get all of these and shop even more exclusive kits by heading over to hey if you liked this video be sure to hit that subscribe button and that notification belt to get notified when we have brand new videos every week

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