How to Use the Artistic Wire Knitter Tool

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Designer: Megan Milliken
In this video, learn how to use the Artistic Wire Knitter Tool to weave a tube with your Artistic Craft Wire. This tool is a version of the classic spool knitting tool that has been made specifically for use with Artistic Wire.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Megan with and I'm going to show you how to use the artistic wire knitter tools and we do have these in two different versions. There's a six prong version which is going to give you a little bit of a tighter weave and a four prong version which is going to give you on slightly looser we've I have here bracelet that pot made up the pretty in it bracelet and she sees the 6.0 here and she's filled the two with beads she can see the color look your Achim on this is using small gauge artistic craft wire I just wanted to show you can also use a coded beading one gonna give you a really interesting be flexible kinda sketchy version so you can have a play around with the materials that she using hearing get different results another tool that goes along with this that that you will want is going to be the why an order and come home awaits and we have a heavier and a lighter version so I'm going to show you how to use the six prong tall he does come with an instruction booklet sold refer back to that as well nice to me is the smaller beat what the wait is going to do so it's gonna help keep attention even if you've ever done to me he now it's going to be very so I know what the week as their keep keep your work progressing through the two men that staying up its happen it's going to help the wire settle into a nice even tension larceny some fresh water somewhere cutters and either at beading all or a crochet hook I have a size for crochet hook can we do sell this asserted a whole week few don't have something he's fat I'm going to use 24 gauge colored artistic craft wire now I'm going to take my hand and I just twist a little and that just gonna be so that my we have something to hold onto said take the end of your life I believe your wire on the school just bring your wire through the middle up the middle know are going to work clap counterclockwise just going to wrap your wire around the problems home you can see I'm right now twisting the tool holding the wire still you can also wrap the wire around that hold the tall still but I find that really helps keep the wire from getting tested or kinking to to spur spool you can wrap all the way around until you've got to BAPS on that first power now we're going to you use your all our year crochet hook to list the bottom loop over the top loop when you can just give a gentle tug on your bottom kill their marriage going to continue around you can wrap around the next prom along lil the bottom loop over the top loop mom talk continue all the way around and that's really all there is to it once you have a little that going you can go ahead and hong the way and you can just work above it like that and I'm unfortunately I'm working on the table so that a lot harder to show even wanna work over free space so that your work has some way to go and the week well kinda do the work up giving a tad you just wanna make sure that you're keeping your tension so are you going to do is keep working until your satisfied with the link if you wanna but bead inside like captain on this one you gonna drop then before you finish %ah so as working on you have your way to peace coming down to bottom going to be able to start seeing and took her so you'll be able to tell how long your gear needed pieces pretty directly it'll be going to the top all the way to wear sticking at the bottom so you've got me as long as you wanna you have there your piece all done whether you have it just plain are you have got beat down the top down the middle then you're going to you just finish it off and are you need to do is make sure that your groups don't stay empty so you need to but the wire through each loop so that you down and up having them come unraveled such as kahan who the wire through me doesn't really matter where it is on the promise once you get it through just be careful about getting your wire can't when getting stipends here wanna make sheba through every loop go ahead and pull it off and of course I don't have a lot here I'll have a little pet when you pull it off you're going to bring the top into it too and put tight when you have a few different ways that you can finish these of cell what captive in her bracelet which she used the contest kicked all to make wire Commons you can also by being home or you can find them on Capp that'll work are you going to do is take this NP Singh make sure that it's really secure and then you put that through your Kong are your cord and and then make a loop at the end so it's just to finish it however you want you can also just make a loop in wrap it back down any way that you fine to make it tiny ending that you like the look so these give you a lot of possibilities and can you can play with the materials for two years to you to get the look but she'll what. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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