How to Use the Beadalon Tying Station

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, see how to use the Tying Station by Beadalon. This tool can help you with your knotting, tying and beadwork. The Tying Station comes complete with a foam pad to help extend your design and a ruler on the side of the station to easily measure your work. Works well for macrame style knotting and wrap bracelets. Macrame 101: How to Create Macrame Jewelry
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and I am here to show you the Beadalon Tying Station Tool now when you get your box, you'll get the tying station which is this piece right here, you'll also get a foam per plate to help you extend your work and on the back of the box it will come with complete instructions for you as well so I'll show you how to use it. So for example I have some knotting cord here that I've just started with an overhand knot and what you're gonna wanna do with your tying station is your gonna take a little wing nut at the top and just and unscrew it and set it aside and this top plate will come off and they'll be a washer on there as well to help protect the plastic. You just put your first loop right over the top, put the plastic piece back and the washer and then you'll simply tighten the wing nut there and you'll notice it's still loose and you can still move it. You just tighten it until it's no longer loose and then your work should be secure now moving to the ends you'll do the same thing on this side. You'll just unscrew the wingnut and that will come with a plastic piece and a washer and what you'll do is I'll take my two short ends of my cord put them to the side and then you'll add your plastic, your washer and the wing nut again and tighten it until it's tight and good to go and I'm so your cords won't move. Now let me show you just a couple of quick macrame knots that you might want to do with this type of thing. Do a couple of square knots and let's say that you've completed as many knots as you'd like to do but you've come all the way down the end, you can use this ruler on the side as a guide for how many inches, just keep in mind that your knot starts all the way up here so if you want you can use this that's one inch, two, three depending on where your work is. So if you wanna use the extender piece to save your work you just open this up and set it aside. Open this one up as well set that aside take your work and move it up take your foam piece you'll see there's a hole in the bottom and a hole in the top just line it up, squish it down on top you'll add your second piece, your plate and add your wing nut on top to keep it tight now if your work is thicker you don't need this second plate you can just add the washer to this plate and tighten your wing nut and your work is secure but not damaged because of the foam then you'll just come back down here and repeat until this side is secure again so you can continue your knotting and continue working on your project. If you wanted to do a wrap bracelet this is really great for holding your work in place so there you have it, that is the Beadalon tying station. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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