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Hi this Julie with and I wanna show you how to use Nunn Design ponytail holder findings and that is what these little guys are right here they come in a variety of finishes and on the underside they look like that. They got a recess in the middle and I've got two flat tops to them. They're really easy to use but I wanted to show you how to do them in a video because I know just looking at them it might not make sense I'm going to use them in conjunction with these gorgeous czech glass buttons but they are shankless so they're flat back button cabochons and they're beautiful and I think they'll make a perfect hair tie and then I went to the store and I just picked up some hair ties. I picked up a couple different ones here you could really use any that will fit within this well. So I'll show you see that fits into that just fine even this one which is kind of a flat one will fit in there as well. So it's really up to you which one you wanna use in terms of tools you just going to need some type of applicator and I'm going to use a paperclip because I had it on my desk. It's really easy and you can use some wire, a toothpick, anything you want and you use it to apply E6000 glue let me show you how to do this. So I'm going to go ahead and take this gold finding and I think I'll do this button here because I love it Flip it over and what we're going to do is we're basically just going to sandwich the hair tie between the finding and the flat back of the object we want to adhere to and so we just put the hair tie in there. Open up our glue and because we are going to be using this hair tie, it's gonna be getting some wear and tear apply a generous amount of glue. It's going to be on the backside. No one's gonna see it or care Don't worry if it' squishes out of the edges a little bit. I really wouldn't concern myself with that I want to make sure I have a good secure hold. So I'm going to go ahead take my hair tie and carefully I'm trying not to touch the glue. You really don't want to touch E6000. It's stronger industrial strength glue. You really don't want to get it on your fingers I did go ahead and just flipped it over and you can see the glue squishing out the sides I really don't care in this application but I do have my band centered actually its gonna hold there and be secure and I'll let it dry like that. I'm actually going to let it dry overnight before using it and then I have a great hair tie and then I wanna show you one other little trick is pretend this doesn't have a flat back, if you're using an object that has some filigree, it has something going on where you don't have a solid back, just take a stamping blank. I have one here that I've used, that I didn't actually didn't want to up incorporating into a project. It's got that on there I'll put it over the back as long there's something for it to adhere to and then just glue that in place and glue your ponytail finding on top of it. So you would just sandwich like so and that is how you use Nunn Design ponytail holders Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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