Show & Tell: Create Recklessly Faux Leather, Tools, & Hardware with Melissa Cable

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Designer: Melissa Cable
Skill Level: Any Level
Beadaholique guest designer Melissa Cable describes all the faux leathers, tools, and hardware that are part of the Create Recklessly line. In other videos learn how to use all these fun and exciting jewelry making components and tools. All items shown in the video are available for sale at
Audio Transcript
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hi I'm Melissa table with create recklessly and I'm here to introduce the newest addition to our line that create recklessly with faux leather our faux leather line includes 11 different colors of quality faux leather the thing I like about this leather is that it doesn't stretch a lot meaning you can set your hardware effectively it also has a really nice finished back that is comfortable against the skin and attractive the 11 colors come in 2 inch by 10 inch long strips as well as 10 millimeter wide by 1 yard long strips now in some future videos we're going to talk about different ways to work with the leather the first thing you're going to need to know how to do is cut the leather and that's where the create wrecklessly cutting board comes into play it includes a ruler and you can use it with the rotary cutter to create straight cuts and the angled utility knife to create precise cuts and again we'll cover that in the video so be sure to take a look at that so you can learn different ways to cut the leather effectively another video we'll be creating today will be how to use the create wrecklessly hardware on your faux leather the create wrecklessly hardware includes four different sizes of eyelets and five different finishes two sizes of cap rivets also in five different finishes a set of snaps and the same finishes and finally three different types of spots our video will cover how to set all of this different hardware if you want a sampling of all the hardware you can use the leather hardware kit that includes rivets eyelets and snaps all in one kit again also available in the five different metal colors once you know how to cut your leather and set Hardware we'll teach you some other things including how to sew on leather that's best done using the sewing punch in conjunction with an over stitch wheel this will allow you to get really straight stitches and leather really so beautifully the needle goes in and out very cleanly and I think you'll enjoy learning how to do that in one of our future videos we'll also talk about how to do some finishing work our modeling tools are great to be able to glue on backings onto the leather making it even more durable and giving you some fun color play we'll talk about doing some edge coats and surface treatments using leather paints and glitter paints and then finally all this is possible by using the deluxe interchangeable tool kit we're going to do an extensive video going over each of the heads in this kit but to give you a short overview we have a set of piercing tools to set holes and to pierce slots and then a set of setting tools down here for all the hardware setting from eyelet snaps and rivets and a few extras thrown into there so be sure to watch the video on that set thanks for stopping by and be sure to take a look at our whole series of videos on how to use the create recklessly with faux leather products you

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