How to Make the Wrapped in Love Bracelet with Leather Like Rubber Cord

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Designer: Tracy Proctor
In this video, Tracy Gonzales from TierraCast shows you how to make the Wrapped in Love Bracelet. This edgy bracelet features TierraCast eyelets and findings with synthetic rubber cord, which is a fantastic alternative to leather and gives a similar look.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this is Tracy Gonzales from TierraCast and I'm here at to show you how to make this wrapped in love bracelet. This is a triple wrapped bracelet made of ten millimeter rubber with a nice Tribuckle and a charm the supplies you'll need to create this project are 24 to 25 inches of ten millimeter rubber strap a 1/2 inch TierraCast tribuckle, a 6.8 millimeter eyelet ten 3.7 millimeter eyelets two of our TierraCast washers that work with the eyelets, a winged heart charm, a ten millimeter red bead two round jump rings and a 2-inch head pin the tools you'll need are two pair of chain or flat nose pliers, a pair round nose pliers, flush cutters hole punching pliers, the TierraCast eyelet setter and anvil, a hammer, scissors, a ruler and a pencil. The first thing you're going to do is thread one end of your ten millimeter strap through the smaller slot of the tribuckle with the ridge side up. There is a ridge on one side of the tribuckle and fold that over about 3/4 of an inch use the leather punching pliers on the smallest setting to make a hole through both layers of the strap about half an inch back from the folded edge of the strap. Next you're going to take the 6.8 millimeter eyelet I'm gonna try to this one handed because I'm holding my strap in position with the other. You're going to thread one of the washers onto the eyelet and then put that through the holes in the rubber the top side down and then put the second washer on the back squeeze that altogether then you're going to put the whole thing flange side down. The flange is the flat side of the eyelet flange side down onto the eyelet setting anvil. Set the eyelet center onto the back and set it with a hammer looks like it needs a little bit more setting after you've got that set, to measure your bracelet for length wrap it three times around your wrist and through the Tribuckle you wanna make sure that you leave a tail of about two inches and if you have more than that you can trim that after you're done with the project. The next thing you want to do is determine where your decorative eyelets are going to go along the bracelet. You wanna space them about every one and three quarters to two inches apart depending on the overall length of your bracelet I've gone ahead and made marks every one and three-quarter inches and then I'm just going to make a hole using the hole punching pliers at every mark. Now you're going to set one of the 3.7 millimeter eyelets At each one of the holes put the eyelet through with the flange on the top set it upside down onto the eyelet setting and anvil and set it with the setter and repeat that with the remaining eyelets in all of the holes After you've got all of your eyelets set you're going to thread the bead onto the head pin, form a simple loop use your jump rings to attach the red bead and the charm to the tribuckle and there you go Wrapped in Love bracelet. Again this is Tracy Gonzalez, guest designer for Thanks for watching. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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