How to use the Charm Holder Connector Bar for Regaliz Corduroy Rubber

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video see how to incorporate the charm holder connector bar into your Regaliz corduroy rubber projects. This connector allows you to use two separate pieces of cord in your project for a fun two tone look. You will learn how to glue the bar into your rubber cord using Super New Glue, as well as some helpful design tips to completing your bracelet.
Audio Transcript
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Hi this Kat with and today I wanna hightlight one of our new Regaliz items. I wanna show you the charm holder connector for Regaliz rubber. These are actually really great because as you notice the Regaliz rubber will come with a hole inside of it and you may have been wondering this whole time what that's for well this is what that's for. As you can see it fits right in there. Now it will fit snugly on there and you will glue it when you do slide it into your Regaliz rubber but for just a moment I just wanna show you how it applies to an actual bracelet. So this is a bracelet that I have made. I haven't glued any of it yet. So actually let me go ahead and take it apart for you and I wanna show you how it looks right there with the charm attached on there. So that kind of goes on just like that but I didn't like the way it worked and you'll see this in the second when I slide them out of the way I didn't like the way that looked now if you do you don't need to add anything else but what I wanted to do was add a couple of spacer beads, the slider beads and then I added a couple of the rubber O-Rings to create a nice focal. So let me show you actually how to use it So I have some super new glue here which is the glue that you're going to use for all of your Regaliz components screw the top off There's a trick to this and I wanna make sure you know before you do this the super new glue is very viscus so you're not gonna wanna hold it upright and just plop the glue in there you're gonna wanna hold it a little bit of an angle and sorry I'm right handed so we're gonna turn it around hold it at a little bit of an angle. Get just your dab of glue in there and then quickly place your bar in and then turn it. You're going to want your glue to come down not go into the rubber tubing hold it there for just a minute or two and then you can do the other side I do wanna let you know that these are great because you can exactly size your bracelet, put it on your mandrel before you even have to glue it and I definitely recommend that you do so for just the fact that you can see how if you just kinda put it together again, none of this is glued, you can slide it on your mandrel, you can put it around your wrist to see if it works because before you do it you're gonna want your sides to be even whether you're using the same color or different colors you can actually pop it out what you can't do once you've glued it and you can make sure that they're perfectly even so you won't have a lopsided bracelet. I do also recommend that before you glue it go ahead and put your charm on that will help just so you don't have to mess around with your pliers too much so and then you'll just do the same with this other side. Slide it in I'll show you really really quick. So I recommend definitely making sure that you have the right size before you glue anything with these because the best way to do it is to cut a little bit at a time but as you can see you can't exactly make sure it's exact once you've glued it you can kinda bend it you won't get the comparison of that's the right size so there you have it. It comes in a brass, a silver and a copper color. And that is the new charm holder connector for Regaliz rubber Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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