Show and Tell: TierraCast Charms Featuring California Charms

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
Learn how to make a simple, delicate layering necklace with a TierraCast California charm in this show and tell video, in which you'll also see an overview of TierraCast's hashtag and ribbon symbol charms and more.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is rachael with beadaholique and in this video i want to show you a fun batch of charms from tierracast featuring california charms now I love these charms because they're a beautiful rendering of the state of California with a nicely detailed coastline and a cute little heart cut out in the middle of the charm that you can see through and these have a nice hammered finish and they come in gold plated and rhodium plated and these are both nice thick pieces but surprisingly lightweight so they're great for jewelry showing your Golden State pride the other terms we have here are a plus sign a tree of life featuring a bird and I'm going to pick this up and show this to you because i love this charm it has a wonderfully detailed tree and if you look over here there's a little bird perched in the branches so I love that charm next we have a hashtag a dia de los muertos skull and a ribbon symbol and all of these charms come in silver antique silver plated brass oxide gold plated and antique copper plated now I want to come back to these California charms and I want to do a quick project showing you just how easy it is to make a delicate layering necklace with these so for this project we're going to use a gold plated finish chain necklace a gold-plated jump ring and four tools will do round nose pliers and flat nose pliers and i'm using my favorite baby weber's here you can use to flat nose pliers as well if you have those at home so all you're going to do for this project is start by opening a jump ring and now on to this jump ring you're going to slide the whole of your gold California charm and then just slide the chain into that jump ring and gin gently close it up and now you have a California charm necklace all ready to wear that was so easy I love these finished chain necklaces because all you really have to do is hang a charm and you're done you can get all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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