Show and Tell: Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. This collection features Iridescent Light Blue and Dark Blue pearls, Pave Drop pendants, Skulls Hotfix Rhinestones, and Baroque Beads.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and i've right in because there is a lot to talk about these are so beautiful and really unique to the season so I'm going to start over here with these beautiful pave drop pendants now these are twenty millimeters long so you can kind of see how beautiful and delicate they are and they would make a beautiful pair of earrings but as you can see they have a little bit of an hombre so you're gonna get several different colors of crystals to work with on each pave now there are a couple that are full pave and I have an example of that right here so this is just the crystal and gold and it just looks like a beautiful little shimmering drop and just add that to an earring hook and it's just nice and elegant so there are a couple other colors here that are just really fun we have a peridot and sapphire right here and I just kind of want to show you all the angles of it that you'll get a chance to work with and this has a gold plated cap to it and we have another one down here and this has some of that crystal and it also has that hematite so you're gonna get a little little sparkle from that black and again this is on the gold now we have a different kind of one up here and this is on the rhodium plated and this one has that rose gold sort of bottom to it but it has various crystals on the top here so lots of fun and you can just see how it really catches the light there so those are the pave drop pendants and I'm going to move right along here to the skulls now these are flat backs so I'm just going to take one out here and show you the back of it these actually have hotfix to the back so you can use these with all of your hotfix tools however you can also just use a regular glue to adhere it to whatever your finding is and it depends on the finding that you're going to be using if you're going to be using metal you can use e6000 you can also use crafters pick if you're going to be adhering it for some bead embroidery or the like to a actual fabric so lots of different choices here so we have some beautiful blues and golds silver of course your traditional black and we have two sizes here we have the ten millimeter and the 14 so you can see just a little bit of the difference when I kind of put them side to side in the stamping there but again both of these have hotfix and you can use them with various lovely designs and they make really great little masculine designs too or if you're getting ready already Halloween so moving along here I'm gonna move to the baroque beads now this design here features three of the baroque beads in the ten millimeter and it just creates a beautiful chandelier I just couldn't help myself when I was designing this just to go for the traditional sort of swinging shape that these beautiful beads just love so we do have two sizes again we have the ten millimeter and the fourteen so you can see how beautiful those facets are even in the jet here and you can just kind of see that little light dance around and here is the rose gold one which is a great one to see all those beautiful colors and this actually is coated on both sides so you'll get a chance to get that sort of 360 feel a lot of fun with these and they are top drilled so as you can see the hole it goes through the bottom and you can use these with head pins eye pins lots of fun stuff just to hang and dangle and you can explore a lot of the colors as you can see we have many of the colors in both sizes so you can really mix and match those now I want to bring you up here to the iridescent pearls now we have two pearls for this launch we have the iridescent light blue and the iridescent dark blue and I want to start here by showing you the light blue and on this particular size of the coin pearl you can really see that there is that purple halo that sort of is around the side and as you turn it you can see that it goes with it so it's a really beautiful color perfect for spring it just reminds me of the it's just really really gorgeous so we do have all these pearls ranging from sizes from 12 millimeters to 3 and we do have two sizes of the coin pearls as well and of course we have our European large hole style bead to add to your bracelets and that is true for both of these colors here and I'm just gonna show you you can see that you can see that the dark blue is a bit more saturated so you're not gonna get as much of that halo effect but as you can see there's a little bit of that purple and it's just a little bit deeper so you really get that beautiful richness and just to kind of show you how these might go together you can kind of see how they would look just so you can get an idea of how well these two actually complement each other now I have a design up here and this was made using the rapid loom and we do have a video showing you how to use that but I was using some of our leather cord here and I use this sort of berry color because I thought it would just bring out the beautiful blues of these Swarovski pearls so you can find all of the tutorials for these beautiful projects and all of these supplies at and be sure to check out more swarovski innovations every season as they come out with new and exciting elements you

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