Show and Tell: Miyuki Delica Glazed Finish Seed Beads

SKU VID-1370
Designer: Kat Silvia
This video showcases the Miyuki Delicas in beautifully saturated Glazed Finishes. Miyuki Delicas are wonderful building blocks to use with various stitches of bead weaving. Our designers recommend trying Miyuki Delicas in your Peyote bead Weaving Patterns.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and i love how some of them come in a beautiful Frost and then others have a lovely shine and shimmer and almost a luminescence to them and this is a great palette just as you can kind of see here it's very autumnal but it can also be very spring we have some lovely yellows and that very honeydew like green over here and if you're unfamiliar with delicas let me just show you a little bit about what makes them unique so over here I have one on its side and it's a nice little cylindrical style and one up here where you can just sort of see that they have a nice little round shape and they are great for building blocks they're wonderful for bead weaving we definitely recommend them for your peyote bead stitch they just sit and nestle nice and sweetly so some beautiful colors here to inspire you and if that wasn't enough we do have some designer palettes as well and now we always make projects for our designer palettes just to kind of show you a great example of use and how you can really use these to spark up any design so this one I have here is a lovely autumnal it just reminds me of falling leaves in the fall it's just so beautiful with a lovely green yellow orange and red now this utilizes all of the frosted ones and it really just brings it all together it's really really beautiful I have another piece up here that is a piece of bead embroidery on a necklace and this has a nice this is what I mean where it can really go spring if you want and our designer even added some little floral elements to her design there again we have another rich color of a peyote ring and this is a really fun quick and easy little design and because you're getting so many seed beads you could probably actually make several of these little rings with your palate and then last down here we have a brick stitch around a bead and a little bit warmer of those tones but it's still nice and subdued and you can see that this one here has a nice lovely little rainbow finish to it so it really adds a little bit of interest to working with those beads so these are the Miu key delica glazed seed beads I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to hit the subscribe button below and of course you can find all of these supplies and even more at you

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