Show and Tell: Czech Glass Emma 3-Hole Triangle Beads

SKU VID-1196
Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video you will see the Czech Glass Emma 3-Hole Triangle Beads. These unique beads have three holes that are front drilled on a triangle shape. Great to give your bead weaving dimension and style in an exciting range of colors.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Kat with the sides so they're all just drilled right through the center there so I have some beautiful colors hanging out up here and I just love that they have these beautiful coatings and they're really nice and shiny but they have a little matte so they have that sort of satiny finish to them so there's really cute so I have it here on some head pins just so you can kind of see where those holes are and I put some head pins in there just to show you that there's a hole on each side and these are equilateral triangles and if you can just see right there on the bottom how those holes are oriented so I have a really neat project here this is the twisted Pacific necklace and I have it laid out on my table here so that you can kind of see how I just sort of squiggled them up and down and used two contrasting colors and when I pick it up something really interesting happens so watch this so when you pick it up it starts to twist so that when you're actually wearing it it's nice and twisty and now you can see how large it is before it probably seemed a little bit small to wear but it's all neat and sort of twisted and as you can tell in one of these units here I didn't actually go through that top hole and what that does is that actually allows it to twist and Bend just by going back and forth through the two bottom holes so there's a lot of really great things you can do with these they're very versatile and just I think the colors are beautiful so have a lot of fun working with these again these are the Czech glass three whole triangle Emma beads I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more inspiration and more videos at you

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