Show and Tell: Neodymium Rare Earth Super Magnets

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you get an overview of the Neodymium Rare Earth Super Magnets in action. They are very powerful magnets that you can use with various crafts. These magnets come in a variety of sizes and we recommend using E6000 to complete your project.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and it's now you'll notice I've kept them in their cases here because they're already sort of attached to each other and that go to there goes that one I just wanted to give you a little overview because a lot of people do ask us what it means that they're super magnets or that they're rare-earth they're very strong and I just want to show you that in this one this is our largest version it actually has a rubber stopper in between so that you can pry them apart because they are very very strong so this is you so that you can slide it off now I'm going to set that aside and try to keep them away from each other for a minute and I just want to show you that this is actually a really a nice magnet we do recommend them for more craft hobby stuff less jewelry stuff because obviously they will just attach to everything as you can sort of see they've attached to themselves here one thing I do want to tell you to be careful of is they do attract each other very strongly and you don't want to pinch your fingers or get your fingers anywhere near where they might be as you can see they're really strong but these are the larger ones so these are obviously going to be a little bit stronger their strength is actually an N 35 magnetic strength and the neodymium magnets go up to about a 52 but these ones are solid at about a 35 that does make them very strong I just want to show you some of the smaller ones that we have again you do have to kind of slide these apart okay they are very hard and they're very strong just let you know the stronger the number that end 35 to and 50 to the higher the number the stronger the magnet now I do want to let you know to be careful because despite their strength it's actually a very soft metal so they can chip if you let them sort of bang together and attract them so you just want to be very careful when you do that I want to show you a little quick project I made this is one is series and I just did a little little magnet using a gemstone at a bezel cup so here I'm using one of the smaller sizes because let me tell you if you try to hook this on T refrigerator you do not need to have a very strong magnet and just you can see it already start to pull I do want to show you that this one has been chipped I accidentally and this is how I know this I accidentally let it fly at the other ones and it did chip a little bit so I just want to let you know that that can't happen we do double check all of the stuff that we sell here to make sure that it hasn't been chipped but just when you get it at home just make sure that you don't let them fly to each other or pinch your fingers together I can't stress that enough they are so strong I do want to let you know that the glue that we recommend and the glue that I've used here in my project is e 6000 this is an industrial-strength glue and this should hold let's say you're making a project using multiple magnets you're definitely going to want to space them out on your table so that they don't attract each other so you can see it doesn't take very much to get them close to each other for it to be actually attracted so we have the smaller ones here that are a little bit thinner and you can see it's about the same size and we have a thicker version we have another version here that's a little bit smaller and all of the measurements are written in the product descriptions so you'll be able to check out and make sure that you're getting the exact size that you want this is a really good size it's a little bit easier to manage because they are smaller so you'll notice that these ones come apart a little bit easier in my in my hands but they are still again very strong and then we have our little guys here that again as you can tell are very strong they even through the baggie and tiny but still have a really good magnetic power I wouldn't use these with any sort of any sort of gemstone there's a reason I didn't use them on this one because if you try to hook this on to your refrigerator it probably won't stick especially if you have a piece of paper or anything in between it but I just wanted to show you that they're all nice and strong and that is a quick little overview of the rare earth super magnets these again are made of neodymium and we recommend the e6000 if you're going to use this in any of your craft projects don't recommend for jewelry use but again if you want to do bottle caps or magnets to put on your refrigerator these make really great magnets and you can find all of this and all the specifications for each magnet at you

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