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Hi, this is Kat with in traveler cases but first i want to show you these two versions here now these are really mini you can kind of see my hand next to them and i like these ones because they actually are really great to travel if you're just gonna throw them in your bag we have a flat nose plier a chain nose plier and a round nose plier in this set of three and the only difference in the set of four is that you'll actually get a flush cutter but other than that they are the same tools so if you want the flush cutter i would definitely go with the four piece mini over the three-piece but that's the only difference between these two and when you read the product descriptions it'll tell you exactly what's included in each one so just make sure that you're getting the right one okay so I'm gonna move on and I'm gonna show you the beadsmith mini tool kit now it'll come in a box like this you just open it up and here's what I find really neat is that it comes in a really nice small little case again you can see how big it is with my hands next to it it's really great to just pop in your suitcase times if this here and this is actually a seven piece tool kit so for this one you'll get the same as the others you'll get the round nose the flat nose the chain nose let me just take one of these out so you actually see how many it is not really good for continual work as a main tool kit but this is great for travel so and they stay in in place in here and then just moving on to the side I do have a pair of flush cutters that is included and if you're doing any type of wire work you're going to want the nylon tip pliers now what's interesting about this one is it is actually a little bit bigger you can see the handles a little bit longer so it actually fits in your hand a little bit nicer so I'll just put that back in there and the two additional pieces for the seven piece tool kit that you'll get it you'll get a pair of tweezers that'll have a safety tip and those are actually nice and long and sharp so those are good to use if you're doing any type of knotting and you'll also get a split ring opener so you'll get this again with the with a safety tip on it so that's also good and handy to use if you are doing any work with that but again this is nice and small and compact and I really think it's it's great for the price it's a seven piece mini tool kit so now I'm going to move on to the last mini kit that I have and this is the beadsmith color ID so each tool that you're going to get is nice and color-coded the chain nose is in blue the round in green the side cutters in yellow the flat nose in pink and the nylons in purple and you'll also get let me just open this up and show you you'll also get a pair of tweezers a thread cutter and a scoop so this is how this one is you can kind of compare the size to the other mini tool kit so it's a little bit bigger and this one actually has a canvas with a nice little embroidered bead Smith I like that so we have our five coated colors that I just explained to you and these ones have a little bit of a different grip let me just take out the nylon pliers and these have instead of the plastic they have a little bit of like a rubber so they're a little bit easier on your hands another good reason why I particularly like this one you'll get a bead scoop which is actually really helpful you'll get a pair of tweezers now with this one you won't get the pair of split ring pliers so if that's something that you are looking for I definitely recommend the other one but something that's really nice is instead of carrying an extra pair of scissors you can carry thread snips and that comes nice with a good safety cap just keep in mind that if you are traveling you will not be able to take this one with you on the plane you can either check it or remove it from the peace altogether but I like this one because it's nice and color-coded it fits nicely in my bag and this is something this is a tool that I use a lot we do have another video explaining how to use bead scoops in case you are unfamiliar with them this is the color ID version so we have the color ID version the mini seven piece tool set and then we also have in case you need to replace a few we have the three piece and the four piece so there we have the beadsmith pliers in the mini versions great for travel and they also make a great gift and you can find all of this at you

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