Show & Tell: New Climbing Rope and Accessories

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Designer: Julie Bean
Create bold statement piece jewelry with climbing rope and coordinating beads, end caps, and clasps. There is a wide range of colors to choose from and this type jewelry is quick and easy to make. Have fun mixing and matching the beads and sliders.
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you Hi, this is Julie with and accessories so we've got wonderful findings to go with a great array of climbing rope colors and i have a couple of finished examples here i want to show you before I actually show you all the different components we have available for you so this one here is a double and you can see it's got this great finding in the center and then the two tones of climbing rope where they end up at cord ends and then a clasp over here we have a very interesting board end a lobster clasp and some slider beads on it so this is a very popular trending item right now I wanted to bring you in a good selection of different ingredients to work with us you can make this for yourself first off I'm going to start with the colors there's a good variety of really wonderful colors here you can see we've got a pink a turquoise blue a nice bright purple a red gold silver black a nice gray brown a navy under here we have a nice green color than a wonderful neutral as well you're going to actually get three meters of this cord in a purchase so you're going to get this much cord which is enough to do a lot of different bracelets necklaces even belts and if you're going to be making these to perhaps sell this is really good to consider because you're gonna be able to make a lot of projects using just a single lot of this rope it is nylon you'll see it's braided I want to show you here it's got a braided interior and then it's also got a nice color braided nylon exterior sheath on it it's very strong this is sturdy it's ten millimeters in diameter it is not meant for climbing even though it is called climbing rope you would not want to use this for climbing it is made for jewelry making and it's really a great product if you already like doing braided corded bracelets this is another expansion of that which we've seen has been so popular in the last couple years and continues to be so in the jewelry making in fashion worlds so without further ado I want to now show you all the great findings that we have that complement this these colors of climbing rope so we really have three categories of findings we have clasps slider beads and Corden's now these are made for climbing rope but if you are doing something like kumihimo keep them in mind for that as well because they would work for that so we have some magnetic clasps nice strong magnet you can see it's got a glue in well on both sides so we have this one and then we have another one really nice and strong and that creates a very sleek look we also have these clasps here which I think I'll be using for a lot of different projects not just the climbing rope but you can see it's got a couple different nice large jump rings a little hinged clasp right there you slide them on and off and that comes in a variety of colors we also have these cord ends which you can use together to form a clasp like so oh so if you had this one you want to connect it to a large jump ring you could do that as well and then probably my favorite clasps are these they're just really unique I've never seen anything like them it's got that glue in well and then see if I can do this right there we go it would hook in like that and then if you wanted a really dramatic bold statement I could do that one there and all of these clasps can be used together like that or you can think of different applications where you might do something where you're wrapping the cord around and it's coming back to the other side so use these together use them separately be creative they're really nice staples a good foundation to start your climbing rope projects with then if you're going to want to decorate your climbing rope like you've seen here these great slider beads we have a variety you can see they're nice and thick they're very good quality we've got the stars we've got nice plain cylinders we have a number of them with little loops on one side that you can use as a bail and attach another bead or another charm too we've got those in varying thicknesses and styles a lot of different options here I've got hearts so all the way around great flower one the love this one is nice it's got cut work in it so you can actually see the rope through it little heart just great basic classic sliders got this very large one which is fun comb shaped here would be a double one you'd put two lengths of climbing rope through it here's the one here that you see in this example project you've got the glue and wells on both sides they don't go all the way through you just glue your cord right into it and then you can do this where you've got the two different colors which is a fun effect if you want your cord to go all the way through we do have sliders like that as well and this one has again that little bail and I'm going to show you in another video how to actually make a bracelet using climbing rope and some of these findings but just for the purpose of this show-and-tell video I wanted to just show you the wide range of styles that we have available so those are the slider beads and then we have cordons these I love this would be fantastic for a necklace again keep this in mind for kumihimo we've been wanting something like this for a long time for all of us who love kumihimo and this is going to be great it's got that glue and end and then you just put a clasp on the end put your your necklace or whatever you're doing up right here and you've got a finished piece of jewelry jewelry with a really unique look then we've got a double cord end I've got the great spiral we see that spiral here and it's great because you see that cord come through the spiral here we have wider ones as well or you can use multiples and then finally we have these little guys which are end caps so you've got a little flower and then you've got a plain one and this is just the terminal of the cord so basically you would just go ahead take your cord put it in there with some glue use some super new glue or some e6000 glue and this would be great if you were doing some type of lariat necklace or maybe you were doing it like a rope belt where you were going to tie this you just want as your end finished off that would be a great product for that so you can find these a bunch of other findings and accessories at and then like I mentioned before I will be doing another video which will show you actually how to cut this cord and how to glue in the your end caps how to add the beads and how to finish off a bracelet you

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