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Hi, this is Kat with all out here to show you but first I'm going to show you what one of them looks like so you can see the inside and then I'll go over the different varieties that we carry so here we have the beadsmith travelers edition now this one comes with a piece of plastic on the top so that if you put your beads inside they won't fall out but I must warn you that this is just a piece of plastic so if you have heavier beads and you flip it over it may or may not hold so just be careful when you're using this traveling on the go it does hold them but I just want to warn you so that you don't lose all your beads the way it clips in is there are these two little notches on each side and on each side you just kind of pop it down and you open it up so here's where you'll be able to keep all of your beads there's four different recesses here so you can hold your beads as you're working this is a gray sort of flocked material so it'll hold your beads a little bit we have an inch ruler and a centimeter ruler and you have five different compartments here to hold your beads your needles your thread or cord whatever you're using so this is generally what this looks like and then when you're finished you just take your plastic piece and you just snap it back on so this is one of the examples and this is the travel version as you can see here in the photo they have their beads please note that on all of our listings for these beading boards it'll tell you exactly what you get I don't want you to think that you get beads or cord or a scoop with these so it'll be very clear on the descriptions as to what you get with each board with this one it is just the board and the top so let me show you another example this one's really special because this is actually the beaters mini travel kit so with this one you do actually get everything that's pictured here except for the beads now you'll notice in this one there's a little bit of a curvature so this can hold sort of a strong necklace and your inches are around the sides as you can see right there now at this one you'll get a pair of flush cutters a round nose plier and a chain nose plier and you'll also get the cutters and a pair of tweezers now if you don't want all of this that comes in the nice package here you can actually also just get the mini bead board and again this is what I was talking about with this bead board you're gonna just get the board there's no topper that comes on it and you will not get the snippers even though they are pictured here I just want to make that very clear in case you are thinking that they would come with it so this has all the tools which is actually kind of great because these are nice and mini so this is something that I actually have that I like to take with me when I travel just be careful from TSA that you don't bring the scissors with you on the plane just something to think about so this is the mini version and then I'm gonna show you the Big Daddy version which is something that I have on my desk and this version comes in a regular bead board and travel edition the only difference between these two is that the travel Edition will have that plastic topper but again as you can see here it has a really nice u-shape and again you'll have up to 13 inches that it will kind of measure around for you now please note that these are rough guides because when it starts to curve it doesn't get off but just in case you're trying to measure lengthwise versus curved so just be aware of that but I like this one because it actually has a place for your beads up here for your spools down here and there's actually three grooves so you can kind of measure and see what you're working with there these are the bead boards that are offered by beadsmith we have two of the larger ones which are travelers and a supply version we have the mini version the traveler kit and the smaller traveller version so just to give you a little bit of an idea that's kind of how different the size is there hopefully you can see that there and so these are the ones that are offered by beadsmith and we carry all of these at and again just a reminder make sure that you read each description so you know exactly what size you're getting and what is actually included with that product that you are purchasing you

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