Show and Tell: Beadsmith Deluxe Ergonomic 9 Piece Jewelry Plier Tool Kit

SKU VID-1217
Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Any Level
This video showcases a comprehensive 9-piece beader's tool set featuring lightweight ergonomic pliers by Beadsmith. The pliers' handles are curved to conform to the shape of the hand, facilitating an easy and comfortable grip. The kit comes in a portable leatherette case for easy travel.
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique to show you this 9 piece deluxe beaters tool set by beadsmith and it features economic fliers so we have a nice leatherette case and inside are 9 pieces we've got the round nose plier side cutter chain nose plier a bead scoop as well I've got a split ring tweezer that helps to open split rings or key rings some knotting tweezers the nylon jaw flat nose plier for working with surfaces you don't want to scratch there's some flush cutters and even a crimping tool these handles are nice and light and they curved to conform to the shape of your hand these are good quality tools I'll be in the bath as well there's even instructions for the crimping plier so these are available at thanks for watching you

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