Show and Tell: 14K Gold Filled Components

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this show and tell video, learn about the new 14K Gold Filled components available at 14K Gold filled means that the piece has 5% of it's total weight made up of 14K gold. Using these pieces is a beautiful way to get a longer life out of your jewelry.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with ponents now let me just dive in right here and I'm gonna show you our links that we have in round and Marquis shapes now for the round these are all 18 gauge wire and we have twenty twenty-five and thirty millimeters and then for the Marquis we have 45 by twenty thirty six by sixteen and twenty nine by twelve and I just want to pick one up here and just really show you how nice and strong they're so they're not flimsy at all because they are that 14-karat gold filled which means that each of these pieces by weight is five percent of gold per weight so that's how you differentiate gold filled from a gold plating so these are gonna last just a little bit longer than something that is gold plated now over here we have two styles of clasps we have a traditional toggle clasp as well as a magnetic clasp free to incorporate into your jewelry now moving on we have the endless hoop earrings now we have these in three different sizes we have 24 millimeter 30 and 40 millimeter now these are really actually kind of fun because all you need to do is just gently open them and they have a little bit of a gift to them so you just twist to add your components and then very simply just close it up to where it now over here I have two chains and these are 18 and 20 inches and these are satellite finished chains again in the gold-filled you can get all of these supplies and see more videos on how to incorporate these into your jewelry at you

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