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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique with a quick tip for you on using bead bumpers with beading chain so here I've got a couple different sizes of bead bumper these little tiny silicone spacer beads and these tiny little spacers are great for securing your beads along any type of cord that will fit through them so I want to demonstrate to you how to use this sleek beading chain to secure beads like I've done in this project here this is a beautiful bracelet the powdered rose bracelet and what I'll do is take up my beading chain and I'm gonna demonstrate with this two millimeter sized satin silk tone and I'm what I'm doing is setting the beads straight onto my finger with the tip of my chain and I'm going to press that tip of the chain straight through the center of the bead just until I feel it poke through on my finger and I feel that and so what I'm gonna do is now take some chain nose pliers get a grip on the end and pull that little bead down the length of the chain now this will work with the 1.5 millimeter it's a tedious process and harder for you to see so I wanted to use the larger size and for a little bit of contrast on this chain I used this silver with the gold but you can see how nicely that would go together these two the gold-tone on the gold just as I use to the silver on the silver so here I'm setting my bead up there and taking on another bead bumper just by pressing into the center of that bead and pulling it down with my fingertips and so that secures the bead nicely it will move along the length of the chain with some help but once you get that situated where you want it it holds to be nice and secure in an integrate spacing so I wanted to show you that I hope you enjoyed this video all these tools and supplies are available at and please visit our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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