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hi this is kat with and go ahead and slide that all the way off and set that aside I'm gonna show you how you can use it to stabilize your macrame pieces now I already have a piece started here but let's say yours just has that little loop on it well what we're gonna do is we are going to attach it to this loop right here on top where your rubber bands are to secure the jaws of the racket loom and now you're free to kind of pull back and you'll have nice tension and you can create your square knots now once you're a little further in your design for extra security go ahead and remove that and you can put it in the jaws the same as we would a wrap it loom bracelet so now again we can give that a nice little tug and pull on that and it's not gonna go anywhere so again we have that nice stable platform to create our macrame square knots I hope you enjoyed this little tip you can see even more and get all of these supplies by heading over to you

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