Quick Tip: How to Restring a Hank of Seed Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Beads that come in hanks and half hanks are strung onto temporary strings. They look pretty all strung together but you need to restring them to use in jewelry projects. In this quick tip video, learn how to quickly and easily restring them using a loom needle, a jump ring, and some wildfire beading thread.
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com i want to show you the method because i've always looked at a hank of beads which is this and i thought wow that's so beautiful it would look great just to go like that but you can't of course they're just strung on these little temporary strings so somehow you have to get them off of here and on to your actual stringing material and i would prefer not to pick up one bead at a time so i don't know about you but i definitely would rather have a quicker method so here's what a full hank looks like this right next was a half hank they come in wonderful color mixes or you can get a couple solid colors and you can do a lot of fun things with them so a lot of things you can do with these beads but we want to find a way of not having to pick them up one at time so what you see here is I actually have a loom needle it's a tulip loom needle and I'm picking this because it's longer I have my stringing material this is wildfire and at the very end I've already strung some basically transferred some and I've anchored it with a knot to a closed jump ring I'm using a four millimeter one in this case use whatever size you want so basically you put your needle onto your wildfire or fireline and then you pick up one end of a strand so there are multiple strands in here of course you hold it and then you just take your needle and keeping it on the strand still run your needle through those beads till you have an amount you're comfortable with so they're still on the temporary string and they're on the needle at the same time once they're on the needle you can pull that temporary string out pull your beads down and slide them to the base I'm going to do that another time so I'm just holding that string and running my needle through those beads super quick and by having a longer needle it really make it easier to grab more beads okay they're on the needle pull that string away slide on down so that is how you can very easily transfer those beads from a temporary string to the actual beading material you want and what I'm going to end up doing with this is I'm going to bead as much as I want about 15 inches and then I'm going to tie it to another closed jump ring and I'm not gonna actually cut my thread I've got enough thread for my entire project I'm just gonna do strand after strand after strand going between the two closed jump rings and at the very end I'll knot it and tie it off now once you've got that jump ring you can add another jump ring to it you can add a clasp to it you can hide that in a bead cap to use as a strand reducer you have a lot of different choices and just to make sure that is a closed jump ring you are starting with that is definitely key so I hope you enjoyed this quick tip on how to restring beads that come on a Hank or a hank and do check out all the other projects and videos and tutorials at beadaholique.com you can find all the supplies you see here as well as a lot of other inspiration thanks so much for watching

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