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Hi, this is Julie with lengths and I had a caliper on my desk and what I discovered is that it was very easy and very quick if I set the caliper to the length I wanted laid it down on my table and then I just measured my beads against this negative space versus a ruler so if you look here it was Green beads just fit right within that negative space same with those ones and this was just a lot easier for me to do than looking at a ruler and having to line it up with the lines and the hashes for me it was easier to visually see just with that nice negative space so just a really quick tip if you have to make a number of segments that are the exact same length and with a caliper of course you can set this to any size you want just nice quick easy thing to do and it made my life a little bit easier as I was creating this project I hope you enjoyed this quick tip check out for more of them you

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