Quick Tip: How to Reshape a Twisted Wire Needle Loop

SKU VID-1442
Designer: Julie Bean
In this quick tip video, learn how to reshape the loop at the end of a twisted wire needle. After sliding beads over the needle repeatedly, the loop can become squished and loose its round shape. You can use a toothpick, metal awl, or even the tips of your round nose pliers to reshape the loop. Reshaping the loop makes it easier to reuse the needle and thread cord through it.
Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com chord something that would not traditionally fit through a standard beading needle such as my s long cord and this is actually what i used to make this kumihimo bracelet where i had a lot of strands of s lon eight to be exact this is it eight warp braid with a lot of beads and i didn't want to just have to kind of fish and string them on with the cord so what you do is you put your cord through that nice big loop and you see how easy that was now what happens is when you string on your beads depending a course of the bead size but what can happen is you pull that bead over that loop and it squishes that loop a little bit you see how it's becoming more elongated I'm going to just put on a few beads here because you can imagine maybe you're stringing on 50 beads and you do this repeatedly okay and now we look at our loop and it is squished by comparison so you do get lots of big lots of twisted wire needles in a package but I like to reuse my needles time and again so if I wanted to say reuse this on a new strand it's harder to get through you see how it's a little bit too squished so how do we reshape it Lots away it's basically any object that has a nice rounded tip to it now personally I like to use a toothpick because I have a lot of them around you could also use a metal all or the tips of your round nose pliers so let me just show you with a toothpick because this is what I use a lot you just put that round object into that elongated loop and you twist it you just roll it around and around and then when you pull it out you're a loop if you can see this is back to a perfect round shape so that is how you reshape the loop at the end of your twisted wire needle and now it's gonna be real easy to just thread that cord through there again and keep on using it I hope you enjoyed this quick tip you can find this kit the twisted wire needles and everything you see here at beadaholique.com you

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