Quick Tip: Different Uses for Bar Chain

SKU VID-0876
Designer: Kat Silvia
Bar chain is chain after all but there are so many ways you can get creative with these little bars. You can make geometric shapes, bead cages and even use them as a guide for perfect spacing in your designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com 'pls here in this earring it was used to create space and to create that nice chandelier look with these blanks over here the bars were used to kind of create a geometric bead cage here I made a quick little example of how you can use it to sort of create those geometric shapes and you can get really fun and creative and make a whole bunch of little triangles and shapes it's really kind of neat to work with all of the bar chain has oval tiny jump rings that you can open and close you can really move the chain around and get fun and just really get creative over here I just have a really nice example if you want to do multiple dangles and you can use the bar chain to kind of get that perfect spacing and everything will lay nice and flat for you so it'll always look really nice when you go to hang it so again I just want to let you know that we do have the bar chain and many sizes and finishes we also do carry oval jump rings so if you did want to add a clasp onto either end and wanted to kind of continue that oval shape I definitely recommend picking up some of those oval jump rings so there you go I hope this inspires you to use our bar chain in many many different ways and you can find all of these supplies and more videos at beadaholique.com you

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