Quick, Easy & Elegant Wedding Jewelry: Sterling Silver Drop Earrings Featuring Swarovski Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
This video is part of Beadaholique's series of DIY bridal and wedding jewelry tutorials. All the projects are quick, easy to make, and elegant to wear. In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pair of sparkling earrings featuring Swarovski crystal chatons set into Gita Jewelry prong settings and then hung from lovely sterling silver earring hooks. The finishing touch is a sterling silver ball drop that hangs below the crystal. These earrings are an excellent choice for bridesmaid jewelry as you can coordinate the bridesmaids dresses with the Swarovski crystal chaton color.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com and easily make them and because it is a combination of sterling silver which is nice heirloom quality and crystalline because a Swarovski crystal these come in a lot of different colors and this is just a small sampling so you can match it to your bridesmaid dresses which is nice it'll be really a custom piece of jewelry and so what you're going to need and this is part of our quick easy and elegant wedding jewelry series and that means we're just using pretty simple tools and pretty simple techniques so even if you're a beginner jewelry maker so what you're going to need is a crystal now this is SS 39 sheet on and it's got a nice pointed back and this is the light sapphire shimmer so this is really pretty it's got a little bit of like a blue tone to it but some other colors are radiating as well and then I have some purple light coral lovely green Pink's plain crystal which could even be for the bride and again this is just a really small sampling then in addition to the crystal you're going to need the setting this is called a Gaeta jewelry setting and it's got these little prongs here and it's a link cuz it's got two loops one on each side you're going to need an earring hook this is sterling silver it's got that nice little ball already attached we're gonna be using a little ball drop as well and it is sterling and a four millimeter sterling jump ring now I did want to pull out just a couple other styles of earring hook so if you want a little bit more of a petite hook you see this one here and then if you want a really nice long hook you have this one here and there are plenty more to choose from over at beadaholique.com now for our tools like I mentioned very simple just two pairs of chain nose pliers and a popsicle stick so not a lot there let's go ahead and make this earring so first off you're gonna set your stone into the setting you might think this is complicated but it's really not you're just going to literally drop your stone in and because you have this Gita setting and the stone they are perfectly sized together they're both SS 39 s and what you're going to do is you're going to take it between your fingers and really sandwich it in there and you want that crystal nice and put down into the setting you want it to be as even as possible now what you're going to do is you're going to take your popsicle stick and you're gonna fold over a prong and we're gonna start at the side and do a gentle rolling motion so here we go roll over the top of it don't worry about getting it all the way down to begin with you just want it to start to move then we're gonna go across and set the prong which is a diagonally across from the one that you just set and again just gently start to move it over now we're gonna go to another prompt and do the same and your last prong and now what I like to do is I like to set it down on my table because it is flat on the back and now I'm just gonna go and do a nice once-over on all the prongs and you can just you really press against your table which is nice and we're using a popsicle stick so that it doesn't scratch or Mar the crystal also it's a nice inexpensive little tool especially if you're new to jewelry making okay so we're just going over it a couple times I find it easier to make incremental steps versus trying to set the entire prong all at once if you just do this I'm not having to use a lot of pressure it's really easy to do very user-friendly alright we've got that set it can roll around it's not going to come out really easy to do and we've got our two pairs of chain nose pliers so what we're gonna do first is we're going to set the what we're gonna do first is we're gonna attach the crystal to the earring hook and if you look at the base of the earring hook you Loup we're gonna open it just by twisting it a little bit and we want our crystal to be facing forward so we're just gonna slide that on and close that loop and now we're gonna attach our little ball here and to do that we're gonna use a jump ring this is an open jump ring meaning there is a little opening it's hard to see there's a little slit we want that up top and you're just going to twist there is no right or wrong side to this little ball so we're just going to plop it on attach it to the little loop and close up our jump ring there we go we are all done so very quick very easy and quite pretty and a nice design that you can wear again and again so choose the color that matches your wedding party and you can make these custom earrings for your bridesmaids everything you see here is available for sale at beadaholique.com and we have a lot of other videos both covering wedding jewelry and then regular jewelry to wear everyday

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