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Hi, this is Kat with i sit 8 pieces and i'm going to be working with the tortoiseshell color but we do have six other colors for you to choose from so i just want to go over those really quick so if I could draw your eye up here we have the black pearl which is this beautiful ivory and kind of smoky smoky black in there and then we have the light tortoiseshell which is gonna be a little bit creamier and then we have this beautiful kind of mother-of-pearl color so we call this pearl so it's really beautiful it's gonna be great for possibly wedding season and then over here we have mermaids so it's gonna have some of those little teal and pink flecks in it we have Twilight which is really beautiful and blue and then we have garden party which is going to be a little bit lighter and it's gonna have a little bit more of that pink to it so once you've chosen your favorite color here you can make this pair of earrings now you can of course do this in silver as well but I'm going to be doing the gold version I think it's a little easier for you to see in my video here so we're gonna be using this lovely little chain and it has these little links and there's little pellets and they're nice and lightweight I don't want to add too much weight because the acetate is gonna be a nice light weight where as it is so I didn't want to add too much but just a little metallic element goes a long way and then I have a couple of earring hooks here and then I just have two jump rings and these are both 5 millimeter 28 gauge jump rings and the only tools that you're going to need is a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of bent chain nose pliers here and then I have a pair of flush cutters as well so if you have all of your items ready let's go ahead and begin so the first thing I want to do is take this chain and I'm gonna make sure that I get the right length that I want so I want a nice little drop earring here but I think about five is gonna be good enough for me you can make it longer if you like or shorter let's say you want to do one or two or three you can also do that using these this technique as well all right so one two three four five so between the five and six I'm gonna take my flush cutters and I'm just gonna come in and snip off that jump ring there there we go and just set that aside all right so I have one piece and now I'm gonna do five more one two three four and five and I'm just gonna cut that off the same there we go all right so I have a little extra chain then I'll just leave over there but I'm gonna be doing both earrings at the same time here so now I have that all set up there at the bottom so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my jump rings oops there we go flip it around and I'm just gonna give it a nice little gentle twist to open I'm going to slip on my little triangle pendant and then I'm gonna slip on one end of my chain and I can go ahead and close up that jump ring making sure it has a nice solid closure there there we go it kind of snaps into place so there is one and I'm gonna do the second one here again giving that jump ring a nice little gentle twist slipping it onto my pendant adding my chain and closing up that jump ring there we go alright so that is the base of our earrings now the last thing we need to do is we're just gonna again give a nice little gentle twist to our earring hook up at the top and we can just slip on our little chain and close that up so there is one earring completed and then for the second one obviously the same thing give it a nice little gentle twist slip on our chain and just close that up and we are all done it is that quick and easy and it's this nice fun long elegant pair of earrings featuring the triangle acetate pieces from Zola elements you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to you

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