How to Add Rows of Seed Beads to Wood Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make these earrings using Miyuki 11/0 round seed beads, 13mm wood beads, and 6mm metal beads. First you will see how to secure the wood bead using simple wire loops on 22 gauge craft wire. Next, you will see how to string rows of seed beads onto the wood bead using Fireline beading thread and a loom work needle. Finally, you will see how to finish off the earring using a headpin and earring hook. The video offers additional jewelry design ideas and tips for how to use bead aligners with this technique.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to so you how to add rows of seed beads to wood beads so here I've got the Persian pink earring that we'll be making in this video and I want to show you a nice selection of wood beads that we have that are so bright and colorful so they come in three sizes in all of these different colors I've got some 13 millimeter 12 millimeter and 15 millimeter in several of these colors and then the 12 and 15 and others some pretty turquoise cream colors Browns greens pinks and black and I also have another example of a project that I did using this same technique with a focal bead on a necklace so we'll be talking a little bit about that toward the end of the video so for materials what I've got here is the size 13 millimeter pink bead we've got a kidney earring hook a couple of fluted six millimeter metal beads a two inch head pin some 11 oh my Yukie round seed beads in a metallic purple gold iris which I thought went really nicely with the pink on that bead you'll see here I've got a couple of bead aligners and I'm going to talk about those in a bit and I've got some 22 gauge wire we'll be using some 4 pound smoke fireline and for tools I've got some scissors flush cutters round nose pliers and chain nose pliers I also have my loom work beading needle which is going to come in handy for the the length and the width of this and I pre strung three feet of fireline to start so to begin I'm going to take my 22 gauge artistic craft wire and I'm going to cut two inches and as you will see this is not going to become part of our project what I'm doing is setting us up to stabilize our bead and to do that I'm taking my round nose pliers and I'm going to create a simple our loop on one end of my wire doesn't have to be neat or fancy it's just going to be part of the creating process and we're going to cut it off at the end close that tight and we're gonna take on a six millimeter metal bead our wood bead and our other six millimeter bead now these side beads are going to also serve to anchor our project while we're working I'm going to go ahead and angle the wire off and create another simple wire loop on this side my flush cutters and just give it a little tuck close it up so this is our starting place and I'm gonna call these my placeholder beads so the first thing now that we want to do to start our bead weaving is take up the loom bead weaving needle with my fireline on it and I'm gonna go ahead and string that needle through the wood bead you'll see I'm moving out a little bit of an angle and that's going to help me get my needle through I pulled that through and leave myself about a five inch tail because I'll be using that toward the end to tie my knot so before I do tie a knot what I want to do is take on thirteen of these round eleven o seed beads now the loom needle also helps us take on more beads at once and to double check our count so as I'm talking to you I lose count and then I check myself five ten thirteen okay I'm going to string those down and I'm gonna bring my tail up and create a loop with my thread and tie a knot coming around once getting it nice and tight and then for added security I'm going to make surgeon's not where I come around twice through that loop bobert wobbling around a little here just get that nice and tight there we go okay so I've got my first row of beads and so now I'm going to send my needle back up through the wood bead begin at an angle if you find it stiff fitting your needle through use a pair of pliers to help you push and pull that needle through I find sometimes that helps me so I'm ready to add on my next row it's gonna be the same thing I'm gonna take on thirteen seed beads come around to the other side of my wood bead slide my needle through sometimes it's a little stiff getting through you also want to watch because these beads are hollow on the end sometimes your needle wolf get sent up through that metal bead which is also why I like to go at an angle use my employer to help me pull that through you've got two rows of beads so I'm gonna continue this process and I'm going to create twelve rows going around the edge and that's because I'll be limited by the number of beads that actually fit against each other going around the edge of the bead and the reason that we have these Stoppers on either side is to keep the seed beads from falling into the hole so this is the method that I found works best for creating this design so I will finish up stringing on all of my rows and then get back with you when it's time to make our final knot and we'll move on from there so I finished adding on my twelfth row of beads and what I'm ready to do is get my thread up toward the tail so that I can make my not the way that I'm gonna do that is I'm actually going to send my needle back through one of these rows of beads so that I'm doubling my thread back through getting my thread path where it needs to go I don't want to skip a bead I make sure I get where I need to go here it's longer needle also makes it a little little tedious getting through the tight spaces but where the most part it comes in very useful all right so that's my last two beads get through there and I'm ready to tie off my thread I'm gonna take my needle off so it doesn't poke me and just take the two sides of my thread together and create an overhand knot once and twice they bring in my scissors and make my cut what you could also do is rethread your needle onto each side and bring this thread through the middle of your bead for added security if you'd like as an earring I'm not too concerned about wear and tear as I would be if it were a necklace okay so I've got my completed beaded bead now what I want to do is show you kind of this magic trick that I have which is I'm going to bravely cut off my wrapped wire loop and I'm going to take my placeholder beads off the bead now you can see in the instance of this necklace bead what I've done is put one of these bead aligners in the place of where I had those round beads and I want to demonstrate how that would be in this case it fits just pops in right there and I would do that on the other side if that's what I wanted for my design I actually thought that I was going to do that with these earrings and then I discovered I really liked the look of the gold beads so I'm gonna stick with the gold beads I just wanted to show you how these bead aligners work it's the little central core that fits so nicely in there but for the purposes of this design what we'll do is we'll take up our two inch ball head pin and I'm going to string back on one of the metal beads string on my beaded bead and take up my other metal bead tuck those back in and I'm ready to make my wrapped wire loop and bring my other earring in just to make sure I get them to match so I grip with the tip of my round nose plier angle off the top check the size to make sure I have them matching create my loop over the top of my plier and bring in my other other plier and I'm going to coil around the base once and twice now I could have set this whole project up on the head pin but I had just wanted to show you about the bead aligners because they do make a very nice fit in these projects too so I've got that all set to go on my earring hook can I undo that slide my finished piece on and I like to give this type of earring hook of squeeze at that loop just to close it up a little bit alright so now we have two persia' pink earrings and also the papyrus necklace and these projects use this technique which is to add rows of seed beads to wood beads I hope you enjoyed this video all these tools and supplies are available at and please also subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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