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hi this is kat with beadaholique.com my table here is I have some of these hammered pieces and they were really really neat very modern very geometric so we're gonna be making a quick and easy pair of earrings we're gonna make the Pacifica earrings but I did bring out some of the other line to show you the variation in some of these hammered pieces so we have everything from hammered beads to ending cones here these are gonna be really fun to use we have some bails we have some other great little focal here's some pendants and some rings and we do have these hoops in two different sizes I'm going to be using the larger of the two today and we also do have a variety of the earring post so we're going to be using that as well so aside from the tierracast hoops the beads and the earring posts we're going to be using some six millimeter swarovski bicones and this is that beautiful Pacific opal color hence my name the Pacifica earrings and I have a couple of earring net so I'm gonna be used using excuse me and then I also have two of the eye pins here and these are going to be 22 gauge gold-plated eye pins now very simply we're going to need some basic tools we have the round nose pliers we have a pair of chain nose pliers and we have a pair of flush cutters so if you have everything ready let's go ahead and get started okay so very simply we're going to take one of our little eye pins here and we're gonna string on one bicone and one of our metal beads string that down you see how that kind of sits like a little hat on top of that bicone and then we're gonna string on one more bicone and now what we're gonna do is we're going to make a simple wire loop up there at the top so go ahead and rotate that we have our little loop sort of facing to the side we're gonna Bend that back with our round nose pliers kind of scootch that up so we get the right size of that hoop that we want there so wrap it around your round nose pliers rotate your pliers and bring that right across finishing that loop so now we can remove our round nose pliers come in with our flush cutters give it a nice little snip and that one is all done so I'm going to repeat to make my second piece for my second earring because we're gonna do both of these together it's a slip on a bicone a metal bead and a bicone and again we're just gonna make that simple wire loop by bending that wire back just a little bit scooching our pliers up wrapping that wire up and over and rotating and across to finish that little loop and now we can come in with our flush cutters and get a nice close snip alright now we can set our little scraps aside so now we can use our chain nose pliers to just open those little loops as though they were jump rings and I'm going to slide on one little hammered piece to one end and close that up then I'm going to move to the top piece here open that little loop and slide on that earring post and I'm gonna close up that little loop and finally you can add your little ear nut to the back by just pressing it on and we have one earring done there we go and I'm just gonna repeat that with the second one we're just gonna open these little loops like jump rings just giving it a little bent slipping on our pendant Foucault's they're closing that up moving to the other side and now we're just going to slip on our earring post close that up go make sure we have a nice good closure slipping on our earring that there and you can use different kinds of backs if you'd prefer but this is our Pacifica earring so it really highlights that hammered look because we have that kind of alternating with those bicones and you can use other six millimeter bicone colors if you like we also do have these in the silver for you to play with and in the beautiful brass oxide which is a very wonderful signature color for tierracast so you can make all three varieties with all three different files thanks so much for watching if you're new here to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below and of course you can get all of the supplies you see here and see even more tutorials by heading over to beadaholique.com

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