Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Clementine Drop Earrings

SKU VID-1753
Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to assemble these earrings using Zola Elements wood and resin open teardrop focals with Nunn Design jump rings. You will see additional colors and styles of wood and resin focals, as well as a variety of textured jump rings to use in this design.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique and easy earring design for you today that uses some zola elements teardrop vocals that are made with wood and resin so we'll be using the open pear-shaped teardrop and I want to show you the nice variety we have here at beadaholique.com in a double drilled connector as well as these circles here in the sea green the indigo and the turquoise alternative colors for our design are a turquoise that come in opaque and the more clear color and then over here are really neat variation on this open focal that's the emerald and then we have the sea green up top some indigo that blossom color and again some more turquoise so what I've done here is go ahead and put on some jump rings of various diameters and textures and I want to just show you the fun ways that you can design with these earrings using anywhere from a six and a half millimeter jump ring up to a 12 and a half millimeter and gauge wise we have the 14 gauge being the thickest that will fit through the nice big holes of these vocals so for our earring we're using the tangerine color with some pretty gold findings I've got the eight point five millimeter texture jump ring here by Nunn design these are actually all by Nunn design the jump rings and then we'll be using a little four millimeter 20 gauge jump ring I've got a sleek tapered earring hook and my pendant for tools all I'm gonna be using are a pair of chain nose pliers and bent chain nose pliers really quick and easy so let's go ahead and put this together and I know when I started pulling these jump rings and looking at all the different variations it really made me want to design more with these and they come together so quickly great for gifts or fur if you're selling jewelry different options here so all I'm doing is just opening these open jump rings off to the side and I'm going to go ahead and connect them and the neat thing about this design is it really features the Nunn design jump rings and the textured larger sizes which we don't necessarily get an opportunity to work with very often but really come together nicely with these vocals so on to this earring hook I'm just sliding my four millimeter jump ring closing it up these earring hooks are closed and so it's nice a nice opportunity to use an open jump ring to attach that on to a design I feel like that goes with the really clean simple style of these earrings so that's the Clementine drop earring and actually I noticed you have the option here of course of flipping this around and having it be symmetrical so that it would frame the face I did them in the same direction but you're welcome to flip those around I hope you enjoyed this video please visit beadaholique for all your jewelry making needs and also click the notification bell and subscribe on our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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